Managers Report, 10 Apr 2017






  • 4 New Memberships since last Board meeting.
  • Volunteer hours 2630 ytd is hours.·        
  • Additional notices for unused vessels to be removed will be resent over the next two weeks as we try to chip away at our on land storage wait list.  ·        
  • In supplying tax information we note a couple of insightful numbers regarding our Club and Sailing activities.  2016 the SSS Hosted 175 Club Races with 4550 participants and 18 Invitational regattas with 1820 participants.  A Total of 193 Sailing Days with 6370 participants. 

Maintained & Maintenance

  • Current projects, repairing and replacing Club house and grounds lighting, looking to order new stand up Freezer this week and solar tube lighting this month.
  • Primarily Kirk is repairing and replacing the missing compass rose marks.
  • Mathew Mason Eagle Scot Project is being narrowed down in scope after meeting with City Building and Zoning.
  • Looking to spend the remaining WCIND grants on Dock and Safety Boat (balance of grant Dock-$5186, Boat-$3497.80).
  • We taken in 2 new additions to our rental and educational fleet by adding a donated Day Sailor and a O’Day 222.


Events & Activities


  • One Design Midwinter was a great success this year doubling the revenue of 2016 regatta and more than tripling the net income. Some new fleets and 90 boats filled the Bay as the SYS Bic Open qualifier shared the Bay.  2 youth Members qualified to sail in Bermuda during the Americas Cup.  Club Pot O Gold was in March, the USCG power boat certification class was well attended, On Monday the 26th the Lassies hosted the FWSA Rainbow regatta with record turnout and man awards kept here.  The first weekend in April brought the A Cats and Foiling A Cats to Sarasota and last weekend the SYS held their annual Sailfest.    
  • Upcoming sailing and events start with Easter this Sunday, a very busy Saturday the 22nd with The Classic and Crafted Boat weekend, Swim around Lido, Scots Rain Gutter Regatta and the Sarasota Bay Cup. Followed by the Sarasota County Sea Grass survey and that night the Bay Haven fundraiser.  We host another community outreach on the 26th with St. Mary’s and start May with the annual Kellogg and Kimsey part Saturday May 6th.


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