Managers Report, 10 Dec 2018



Membership –

*11 New Memberships since last Board meeting, as we go into the end of the year with 641 active Memberships, 119 have quit or have been revoked and written off in 2018.
*Volunteer hour’s ytd. 6313. I would like to recognize the team of Ken and Jennifer Southward, Bill and Linda Tiffan and Jennifer and Jason Means for their outstanding volunteer work over the last Month.  As for 2018 you may have already noticed Barry and Mary Lisa Millbourn recorded the most volunteer hours and Andy and Judy Hodgson were a close second.

*Tonight I would like to thank and recognize the other large volunteer contributors that are our Club’s Board of directors and appointees for their superior efforts, energy and stamina.  The challenges this year, especially with Red Tide, cannot be understated and as an organization we persevered and in reality fared well.  The Club owes additional gratitude and Big Thank yous to not only our 2019 on going Board Members, but to Donna Hillmyer, Andy Hodgson, Bill Misenheimer, Donna Kesten and Alan Pariser.  They have worked hard to keep this wonderful place going on and left the incoming Board Members in good shape for 2019.

*This is the time of year compliance emails and letter will be sent so that the Club can better understand the intentions of under used or derelict boats that are being stored here.

*I would note the passing of some great Members, especially Bill wagner Sr. who was a driving force with his wife Kathy in guiding the exceptional education programs over the last 40 years.  At this time I would like to request a motion of the Board to renew the current 31, 35 yr Honorary Membership and add Charles & Allison Tanner to this remarkable list.


Maintained & Maintenance –
*Hoist inspection and service was completed and deemed safe for operation.
*In working with Ted Weihe the Rear Commodore, Barry and the rest of the Board, Member Equity grew once again this year and have continued this pattern over the last 10 year.  From Dec. 2008 till today Member Equity is 60% greater.  2018 We completed and added 2 Eagle Scout Projects, fully implemented the parking stickers nearly eliminating bad parking habits, We added to the Power Boat Safety and Regatta Fleet (Scout), The Stone House received a renovation, added new Casual dock seating, Bar Lights and Club Fans, We replaced the piping on the Well, Placed our new Yard Arm Flag Pole, Reshuffled the South Lawn, Repaired damaged fencing, Replaced some aging Compass Rose Marks, Closed the A dock in preparation for it’s renovation, Secured some reasonable understanding with the City regarding parking, started the tie down project, overhauled the Front Gate after it was hit, improved the landscaping on site, Replaced the pavilion speakers, Replace lighting to sense motion cutting down on electric needs, migrated the Clubs Financial, Member and Operations data to a secure server, Secured stable High speed internet, Landed a 3 part WCIND grant to go with the two already in place, Fixed the Sliding Glass front doors (thanks to Joe Grabowski), Replaced the overhead Security lights over the Stone House, installed a fully functioning Security System, replaced the BBQ roof, removed evasive tree species, Painted the Bathrooms and Entrance, purchased a RS Venture for training, launched our second partner Non Profit Sail Sarasota (40 years in the making), purchased and soon to be here a 20 Caribe Rib and just recently purchase a New Kubota with support from our original Non-Profit partner the YSP/ SYS. 


Events & Activities –
*We most recently held our Drumstick regatta, the Club Elections (Thank you to Mike Kaighin & committee and Jon Dowd and his committee), and Annual Meeting/ social, the sold out Annual Club Thanksgiving Dinner, and the sold out wonderful Holliday Dinner and boat parade.  Great job by all.

*2018 with Jan Clark’s direction we hosted some amazing Social Events.  Exceptional Volunteer Appreciation Party, Jamaican Jam, October Fest as well as Fair Well Red Tide party and Sailing with the Paint Brush fundraiser.

Ray Markham continued his impact on the Education Department with Parent Attwood Olympic presentation, Mark and Safety Boat training, RC team training, a PRO course, the addition of the RS Venture and formation of the 2nd SSS created Non-Profit partnership.

*Especially with Ray, but with the help of the Board we partnered with the following Non-Profits in 2018: Mote Marine, Sarasota Blood Bank, Sarasota County (sea grass survey), 4 times with Sarasota Bay Watch (Clam Jams), Sarasota School of Arts and Science (physical ed. Curriculum, 60 kids), Sarasota Bay Watch Monophiliment Clean up, Start Sailing Now Reunion, Bradenton Dream Center and our oldest and closest partner Sarasota Youth Sailing.

*With a lot of Help and Richard’s involvement the race and regatta season, despite the cancellation of the 72 Labor Day Regatta and months of Red Tide.  2018 set the new standard for what can be done at a proud volunteer sailing club.  This record year had over 100 scheduled race days, 7 organized Club races and 19 regatta scheduled.  We realized significant grow in the E-Scow and Flying Scot fleets.  We also enhanced our relationships with the Viper, VX, Melgis, Corsair and A-Cats.  2018 One Design Midwinters passed the 100 boat mark and was only out done by the 2018 F-18 Worlds.  All involved did an exceptional job and delivered our most successful Regatta in our Club’s history.  14 counties participated in a wonderful week of competition and tons of complements were shared on their way back home.  Special Thank you to Regatta Chair Jesse Brunsvold and Co Chair Herb Larrabee for this exception event.

2018 was a phenomenal year and spoke to our reputation of a Club for sailors run by sailors.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to come to the Club just last Saturday you missed a day of highlighting our evolution as a Sailing Club.  The bay was filled with Cruisers, Casual Sailors, Club racers, Casual racing, racing and the cherry on top was a grand social afterwards.

Finally, thank you to Lorri, Dave and Nelly for a great year.  Their dedication to the World’s Greatest Sailing Club is felt daily.

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