Manager's Report – 10 Jan 2012

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  • New Member packet/ Membership package work in progress.  Cards and Auto stickers are in.
  • Membership and membership activity is on a health and steady pace. 2011 Jan. fetched 19 new members for the month.  Jan. 2012 30 to date.
  • All 2012 Billing is out.  Emailed the vast majority of invoices saving the Club 100’s of dollars.  We are also updating member information.


Maintained & Maintenance

  • Construction on the RC storage shed is moving and close to done.
  • 4-30 Amp service completed on wave fence.
  • Stereo and Microphones have been repaired. 
  • Gate has operated without failure.
  • Continued storage reconciliation and moving to 2012 boat auction.
  • Hoist overhaul consisted of replacing 4 capacitors and not the Clutch.  Substantial savings.  Route maintenance has been performed.
  • Still evaluating tractor type equipment.



  • New Years Eve was very successful.
  • Hang over Regatta was a big hit with a 35boat turn out.
  • Upcoming events: 14th, Educational man overboard clinic, 2012 Snow Bird Regatta (21st), FIRE SIDE CHAT & CLUB CHILLI COOK OFF (28th) - 5PM JOIN US FOR THE “FIRE SIDE CHAT” – 7PM SSS CHILLI COOK OFF AND LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! – ALSO FEATURING CASSANDRA’S FAMOUS POTATO BAR! $5. AYCE.
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