Managers Report, 10 Jun 2019


Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome 55 New Memberships to date in 2019.  -54 Memberships have resigned, 621 active Memberships. 580 Paid in Full Memberships and 54 in collections. 
  • Volunteer hours for May 2019 was 435.5 making it the largest May in the past 4 years.  As a reminder this City Lease Measureable speaks to the Commissioners as a Health number showing the commitment to sailing in Sarasota.  YTD hours are 3769.6.  Great contributions by, Judy and Andy Hodgson, Dave and Donna Hillmyer and Rosemary McMullen.
  • Please note in spite of the suspect standards and deliberate speculation TV stations broadcast last week.  The young girl did suffer a concussion, but is safe at home this week resting and looking to make a full recovery.
  • Pat Johnson passed. After graduating from Sarasota High in 1945 during World War II, she married Billy Johnson in 1947 upon his return from the Navy. They were married 62 years until his death in 2009. During this time they sailed competitively in every race he could find winning multiple state and national championships. In retirement they pursued their dreams accomplishing four Atlantic crossings and numerous other boating adventures including Nova Scotia and the Great Loop. Pat often said, as she approached her 90th decade that she’d love to do it all again. In fact, (with the help of a friend), she completed and published a memoir of her life at sea with Billy, entitled, First Mate.
  • Donations of note: Donna Hillmyer donated a Mahogany tree and Stephen Mitnick a Hobie Wave to add to the Club’s Fleet.

 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • Dock Piling Fenders were replaced by volunteer, Brain Feeney.
  • Large Boat Yard tie downs project is ongoing. 
  • Looking forward to working with Ben Appel and some Members to focus on some Tree and sustainable landscaping options.
  • Dredging permit applied for all clear from the City awaiting County approval.
  • Looking for a returned permit to Fl. Shoreline in the next 14 days. 
  • The Parker is on the hard too sure up the floor decking.
  • Working on a Hydrations Station in the education building.  It looks that a Member is willing to support that cause with a donation.
  • With the donations of a Bench and some landscaping help, we’ve beautified the front lawn.
  • We finished the conversion of the large boat inventory on paper and more challenging in Quick Books.  273 defined spots, We’ve invoiced 99.4% of our annual Budget in our first Quarter, 100.7% of Boat Storage, collected 94% of our annual budget in Q1 and have 19 (@7%) unpaid open spots 0XL cat, 1XL, 8 Large, 7 Med and 3 small.
  • On the lookout for Wasps, David.
  • The SSS Whaler is again operational.

 Events & Activities –

  • May we hosted youths from St. Mary Academy. The Luffing Lassies held their end of season party and the Annual RAL.  The SYS summer program is in full swing. We held the first Friday Night race and Wednesday night race. Last weekend we partnered with Sarasota Bay Watch and participated in the New Pass Clean up. 
  • This month we’ll continue with the “Summer Sailing”, with Fridays, Wednesdays and Scots.

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