Manager's Report – 11 Jun 2013

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  • New member pace is steady
  • Much like last year Volunteerism has been amazing 800 hours ytd, greater pace than 6062 hours in 2012. Work party this weekend.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • Gantry is scheduled for delivery Wednesday 6-11-13
  • Tropical Storm damaged a handful of boats mostly in the water.
  • Vanessa made a suggestion and we will be bringing in, much like the Mooring tackle of last year, some yard ties for purchase.


  • Passage Makers social, Jack attack all fun events over the last weekend.
  • We shared our location with SRQ County SWAT for a day of training.
  • Upcoming events Bunkie, Sun coast Laser series, Friday and Sunday series
  • Sysp opened and looks like they are on track again for another great season. Adult lesson also.
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