Managers Report, 11 Mar 2019



Membership –

  • 32 New Memberships to date in 2019 & -22 Memberships have resigned, 625 active Memberships. –Perspective- 3 year average year to date +21.6 & -31.3.
  • Volunteer hours for February 2019 480.6. YTD hours are 1372.6.  Great contributions by, Once Again, Andy and Judy Hodgson, Rick Collard, Lowell Curtis and Jay Horowitz.
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 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • Bar Cooler clean-up/ Work Party brought out 14 very hard working volunteers.
  • Repaired the leaking Electric room roof, the Well Pump (upgraded switch), and replaced some faulty GFIs.
  • Working and planning has continued on the replacement of the West Sea Wall, the removal of the extra floating docks blocking the unusable Wave Fence and a ramp dredge.
  • One of the two Vulcan ovens has failed after refurbishment. Exploring fluctuating electric current as a precaution.

 Events & Activities –

  • WE hosted the 2019 Cherry Pie, followed by the Sarasota Bay Multi-Hull Regatta and the Melges 14 an MC Cup.
  • Next weekend starts our Clubs 2nd largest Sailing Event of the year, followed by the Flying Scot Midwinters and ending the Month with the Admirals cup. The first week in April will be hosting the Physical Education Class from Sarasota School of Arts and Science (Ravi Parent) and Sarasota Youth Sailing.  Finally for the sailing season we’ll be work with Sarasota Youth Sailing for their 2019 Sailfest.

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