Managers Report, 11 Nov 2019



Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome 109 New Memberships to date in 2019. YTD -61 Memberships have resigned, 669 active family Memberships. 34 in collections. 
  • Volunteer hours for Oct. was 305.5.  YTD hours are 6367.8.  Big efforts by: Mike and Lorri Kaighin, Andy and Judy Hodgson and Bill Tiffan. Meet Don on the 19th for the Saturday Work Party at the Club was productive and fun.
  • Walt Sarkozy passed on the Dock slip, waiting to hear from Paul Hagglund.

 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • We have a complimentary Sea Tow service on the Club’s Power Boats until years end and an ongoing annual service for $179.
  • I’ve attempted to reach out to City and City Parks department to clarify the development in progress on the South Radio Tower property. I’ll continue to call until I can get someone to discuss this with.
  • In pursuit of best practices for the Work Area we were coincidently visited and inspected by the new Sarasota County Air & Water Quality Director.
  • Large Kubota is at Franz awaiting parts for repair.
  • Quoted to replace the automatic gate system. We have been unable to keep this functioning and we know felon coming on the property and an uptick in reported incidents. 
  • Planted the 6 Coconut Palms (27’) and 3 Triple Trunk Montgomery Palms and some assorted small plants.
  • Looking to re-shell the drives pre-season. Price of shell has been way up of late.  

Events & Activities –

  • Work Party on the 19th was a hit and gave opportunity for Members to meet the last two “Ball Busters” Ron and Don. Great Pumpkin Regatta called due to Lightning. 2019-2020 Racing Season Kicked off.  Sailing Squadron participation was overwhelming at the SYC Invitational Regatta.  Over the weekend we hosted the Jeff Penfield Flying Scot Regatta and help support the SYS with the Nacra 15 nationals.
  • Later this week we’re hosting, on the 13th, a Race Committee Seminar RSVP required, the Lily Kaighin Memorial on the 14th, the Sunfish Regionals on the weekend, Meet the Candidate night on the 18th, Voting Deadline on the 22nd, Drumstick Regatta on the 23rd, Annual Membership Meeting on Sunday the 24th, and Thanksgiving dinner on the 28th. We’ll have some Sunday Series races, some Flying Scot and Escow and a Scow Clinic the beginning of December.  14th kicks off the VX & Viper sport boat series and the Annual Holiday Dinner and parade of boats on Saturday the 14th.

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