Managers Report, 11 Sep 2017


  • Only 1 New Memberships since last Board meeting, 669 total.
  • Thank you to the volunteer army that came out in support of the 71st LDR. Also, the Luffing Lassies, SYS and last weekend Irma clean up party. As a whole the Club snapped back from the event quickly and efficiently.
  • Volunteer hours 4954.5 ytd. I would like to recognize Craig Evens for providing the Club with the most volunteer hours (outside of the BOD) in Aug. of this year.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • Evaluation of the Club post Irma highlights: Lassies, SYS and the Club Volunteers accomplished all preventive and safety precaution on time. This was the most prepared I’ve seen the Club in 40 years. With the steps taken we suffered minimal damage and we’re lucky enough to have power throughout. Docks 100% clear, Club equipment all safe and harm free including the Power and rental fleet. We suffered Damage to itlems that are nearing or have lived past their realistic lives. BBQ roof was stripped on the North side (I have a call into the Insurance agent), Work area gantry was pushed over (despite having tie downs), Fencing around the work area is damaged, and some of the Pines dropped limbs. We noticed 23 boats in the yard affected by Irma to different degrees. Of note no boat that was tied down and removed their mast was damaged. Also of note this was a very mild hurricane by most standards. Winds and surge stayed to the East and sustain hurricane winds only lasted a couple of hours with a guest of 104 recorded at LBK Club.
  • North West Fence replacement is in permitting still.
  • Overhauled the Well Pumps.
  • Parking Sticker are in and can be signed out in the office.
  • Yard spacing implementation will begin in October with the A section, sourcing tie down pricing ($6).

Events & Activities

  • Luffing Lassies had a challenging week but completed the Intro to Sailing.
  • We hosted the Sarasota Bay Watch Scallop Survey on the 26th, again with challenging conditions.
  • The 71st Labor Day Regatta was a light but very smooth event. Regatta Director Donna and husband Dave pulled it all together with some new partnerships and an emphasis on what has established this event’s longevity, the green fleet or beginners. With what we can control the 71st Labor Day was a Sailing, Social and Financial Success. Thank you to the, again, volunteers on and off the water and thank you to our sponsors especially Intercostals Medical Group. And thank you Donna for all your hard work.

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