Managers Report, 12 Aug 2019



Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome 72 New Memberships to date in 2019. This steady rise is reflective of a return to normal annual Membership attrition.  Last years Red Tide at this critical juncture, impacted Membership in a way that I had not seen in my life time.  We’re likely to see a steady rate of new Membership into September as the SYS & Lassies draw in and we yield community publicity for the LDR.  YTD -61 Memberships have resigned, 649 active Memberships. 40 in collections. 
  • Volunteer hours for July 2019 was 139.5.  YTD hours are 4472.1.  Great contributions by, Tim Thurman, Ron Burney & Don Sinclair, and Rosemary McMullen.
  • Last weekend Dedication of the Sun Deck to Kurt was a wonderful thank you. 2 Past Commodores (Doug Kresge and John Huber) and Commodore Millbourn, the Cliftons and Dowds put on a fitting tribute.

 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • The Large Kubota is under repair, new rim and tire.
  • Replaced the South Gate wheels making it functioning again.
  • Detailed Grand Coast to ready it for sale.
  • Good Times/ the Parker is getting a bottom job.
  • Dredging update, looking at the 19th for Duncan Sea Wall to commence.
  • Notice FPL outage for Transformer Replacement August 19th 9am till 2pm.
  • Shoreline has installed the Lifts, awaiting the final electric tie in. Friday. 
  • Generations Garage Door gate replacement was put on hold as the gate is functioning again.
  • ProLine is at Cannons Marina, we are waiting to hear a deliver date for the repowered.
  • QB Card Reader and Online Processing has been installed in the office working out some details, but Members are already taking advantage of the pay from email service.
  • Lastly thank you Dave and Donna Hillmyer and newly hired Alan Staniforth (SYS), SYS President Michael Kramer and a large group of kids, SYS Board Members and parents held a clean and clear work party in the south yard last Saturday.

Events & Activities –

  • In July we hosted the Caribbean Social and Dinner and last week we watched our partner the SYS wrap up another successful Summer Program.
  • This month we’ll continue with the “Summer Sailing”, with Friday night racing on the 16th, SYS Kick off BBQ on the 17th, Sarasota Bay Watch will be here on the 24 to do a Clam Assessment and Finally on the 31st and September 1st will be hosting the 72nd Labor Day Regatta our Club’s Signature event. This is an all hands on deck event and a festive, fun weekend.


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