Managers Report, 12 Jun 2017



• 6 New Memberships since last Board meeting.
• Volunteer hours 3663.6 ytd is hours.
• Additional notices for non-compliant vessels to be removed and shown signs of positive impact freeing up some much needed space for placements.

Maintained & Maintenance
• I request the BOD review the Yard Storage Model structure proposed in 2015 and move to implement.
• Kirk and friends have continued the repair and maintenance of the Compos Rose Marks with J missing and C at the dock.
• Lighting around the Club and on the dock is being transitioned to LED
• Extensive work on the Parker/ 2 stroke oil? And water intrusion into the fuel.
• With the rain come the growing and the mowing and cutting.
• Rotating vacation times for the staff.

Events & Activities

• Thank you to all that help out during the community outreach. We spent a perfect day with the 8th graders of Sarasota School of Arts and Science, Sailing with SYS, boating with SPD and on land instruction.
• The SSS supported the New Pass Clean-up project. 69 volunteers collected 47 fishing nets/ 330 lbs lead, 18 Lures, 1 moving dolly, 8 fishing poles, 3 reels, 9 knives, some PVC and machete, gas meter ect. They also freed and released over 70+ crabs, lobsters, starfish etc..
• Lassie ran another successful RAL, the SSS helped host the Bone Island Regatta, the Friday Night series has kicked off and some modifications to the One Design schedules have been made for the summer. Finally, weather permitting the Wednesday small boat racing will start this week.
• Upcoming more of the Friday, Sunday and Wednesday sailing. The Unkie is scheduled for the 17th. July 1st will be the Firecracker 400 and Tuesday July 4th Downtown firework viewing.




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