Manager's Report – 12 Nov 2013

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  • Thank you to all that have participated in this recorded setting year for volunteerism. Even with the new scrutiny of our Land Lord and Insurance company concerns Members have turned out in support of our Social and Sailing events keeping us in line with organizations mission. This will be an impressive final volunteer number when presented to the City at the end of this year.
  • October brought 10 new memberships to the organization. To put this into perspective in 2 ½ years we have effectively promoted and encouraged the sport of sailing to more of the community than any 5 year period pervious.
  • Members please note the 2014 Calendar is nearly complete and like the 2013 Calendar will be formidable with hundreds of Sailing and Social events. We look forward to your participation.
  • Consistently the Club starts the year collecting the majority of its revenue and closes out the year spending. Of note this year with the additional active, September and October consistently “off” months, the Club realized an amazing 87% improvement over last year.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • The obvious please excuse our dust! As the organizations single largest project it’s obvious to those who have graciously worked around our current dock limitations just how important the docks are to our Club and our mission to encourage sailing.
  • Thank you to Ron Pletsch and his band of volunteers who are making solid progress on the 19 floating docks set for replacement. More hands are welcomed and the signup sheet is in the Club House.
  • You’ll see some yearend decorations as the movement on the land storage has continued as we take in more vessels, arrange the field to best accommodate the boats by size, and mark the Dead and Abandon vessels for auction. The auction process is no less than 90 days so look for the notice in February 2014.

Events & Activities

  • October quickly started with the Sarasota SUP Series Final stop. The Club welcomed 107 competitors making it the second largest SUP event in Florida. We landed the event with the help of the Sarasota County Sports Commission and Sun coast Charities for Children and it was a great event for the silent water sport crowd.
  • The following weekend was the 7th Buzzelli Rendezvous with over 60 boats competing. Nana and Charlie have left this event in great shape and Tony Vandenoever, Ellen Dowd and a host of volunteers put on another exceptional event.
  • That led us into the F-18 Americas. Deb St. James and countless sailors and volunteers planned and organized what was the most challenging regatta for our Club in a very long time. The event was over a week long and after 17 races we were left with some high praise from the international sailing community and participants. Most suggesting it was the best F-18 event they have ever attended and the CEO of Nacra Catamarans is lobbing Deb and the Club to do another event. Of note: Two high school members of the Club finished 4th overall, 3rd amongst Americans and 2nd in the 21 and under division. Congratulations to Ravi Parent and Sam Armington.
  • Last Thursday the Luffing Lassies held the 15th annual Lilly Kaighin Memorial and Lorri Kaighin took top honors.
  • If that wasn’t enough, after a collective gasp, Vanessa held another great 2013 Club Spooktacular on Friday, the Scots hosted the Jeff Penfield Memorial Regatta, The Sarasota Bay Fest was held in Ken Thompson Park and the Sarasota Yacht Club held it’s invitational. Weather was the story on Saturday but the events all came off and were well supported fun. Finally, last weekend the SYS took their first stab at a Team race regatta just off the dock wreckage and from all accounts it was great and the Sun coast Laser fleet held its 5th event on Sarasota Bay.
  • Next the Passage Makers Social, Annual Club Meeting, Drumstick Regatta, the Club Thanksgiving Dinner and the first weekend of December the Commodores Cup. Plenty of reasons to spend some time at your Club.
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