Managers Report, 13 Jan 2020

1/13/2020 – December Report 2019 SSS MANAGER’S


Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome New Memberships in December. We’ve finished 2019 with 645 Active Family Memberships.  89 Memberships resigned (5 year Average is 114) and 118 Members joined the Club in 2019 (5 year Average is 106 with the Low Year being the 2018 following the Red Tide).  2019 is the second largest year for incoming New Members.    
  • Volunteer hours for December is 500.5 and we finished 2019 with 7826.3hours second largest total in last 5 years. Big December contributions from Judy and Andy Hodgson, Charles and Laura Maniglia and Belle Baxter.
  • Pedro Melendez was placed at the B-Dock slip.
  • This is the time of year compliance emails and letter will be sent so that the Club can better understand the intentions of under used or derelict boats that are being stored here. We’ve had some success this year and immediately resolved 2 issues before 2020.


Maintained & Maintenance –

  • Still down to one Tractor as the Large Kubota is at Franz awaiting resolution.
  • RE-shell drives on hold till Large Kubota returns.
  • Resolved Electric issues at BBQ.
  • Wade construction is permitting the Water Fill station at the Education building.
  • Waiting for Doug Kresge to recommend replacement lights for the poles around the perimeter of the site.
  • Scheduling the repair and replacement of the Stone House Screen doors and North Poarch doors.
  • Will get on the schedule with the awarded contractor for the Sea Wall, Pavilion Roof and Lift Station.
  • David will be replacing the rotting exterior boards on the Main building and around the Education building roof.
  • We’ll be enhancing the security systems around the Club after last Friday’s vandalism. A police report was filed and I ask that all Member feel free to report anything odd to me directly anytime.
  • Made the down payment on the American 18 Mid December, initial deliver date end of February 2020.


Events & Activities –

  • December kicked off with a Scow Clinic. We started the “Regatta Season” with the VX & Viper sport boat series and hosted the sold out 60 seat Holiday Dinner to parade of boats.  We hosted the Club’s Commodores Cup with former Commodore John Huber racing. 
  • Upcoming events on the Calendar the second stop of the Viper and VX series and the Scows and Scots are staying active. The final Sunday of the month we’ll have PHRF racing, and on the 26th a guest Lecture with author Linda Petrat and on the 29th a workshop on Sailboat Racing basics.

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