Managers Report 13 Jun 2016


  • 6 New Memberships in the last 30 days, total active memberships today are 686.
  • Volunteer hours year to date are 2692, with 356 hours in May.
  • Due to increased cost from our suppliers the pricing at the Bar will change this month. All adjustments will be supplied to the BOD before changes are made. At this point all price changes will fall within 50. Cents. Most within a Quarter.
  • Note a Thank You letter wax received from the Bone Island Regatta. Thanking us for our support and requesting the SSS be the host site for the Skippers meeting. (Alice Petrat Race Organizer)

Maintained & Maintenance

  • I’ve submitted the request for Lease amendment, regarding the C dock project. Lease Amendment has been placed on the June 20 consent agenda with the City, 2:30pm. Commissioners, have not received confirmation.
  • We have moved the dead boats to a common un-usable areas of our site. That with the evasive trees removal and some adjustments to our footprint I’m excited to report we have come off the yard waiting list.
  • All but one of the squatting and abandoned anchored boats off the club has been mover along thanks to the recent Tropical Storm.
  • Decking has arrived and the repairs to the Dink Dock will be finished in time for the 4th of July.
  • Please see the office if you find and ant or a wasp nest or ant mounds. This is the time of year.
  • Some WIPs for those who would like to volunteer: Stenciling the Roads for direction, decking the Dink Dock, Small boat rack north “make over”, picnic table refurbishment.
  • Thank you to Weihe’s for their donation of a Palm. I’m hoping to have a few more tree donation so that we may spread the growth and plantings over time, over the site.

Events & Activities

  • In May, our yearly visit of children from the Dreams are Free School was the best yet. 50% more children attended and with the help of the SYS and SPD all that attended sailed, learned some valuable lessons and wonderful memories.
  • 53 boats raced in the successful RAL with a diverse range of competitors and ages. Another successful year! Coming up more with the Scots, Scows, Friday racing, we’ll host the children from Dreams are Free School on the 24th, and end May with the Lassies hosting the annual RAL.
  • Fridays and Sunday and fleets still making their weekly gatherings.
  • This week marks the start of the Wednesday night races, facilitated by the SYS.
  • If interested in volunteering on 70th special committee please let me know. Sarasota’s longest running sporting event.

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