Managers Report, 14 Aug 2017


• 14 New Memberships since last Board meeting, if compared to July’s influx last year, 6. This more than double turn around placed this summer intake of Membership around and on the upper end of past Summer averages.
• Volunteer hours 4271.5 ytd. I would like to recognize Dean Anderson, edging out Judy Hodgson by ½ hour for providing the Club with the most volunteer hours (outside of the BOD) in July of this year.

Maintained & Maintenance
• Working on repairing the holes in the Parker fuel tank for Labor Day.
• Please take the necessary precautions to secure your property. Reduce windage, remove sails and Biminis, use tie downs to secure your boat and trailer. These measures are not just for the multi hull owners, be a good neighbor.
• With the rain the growing and the mowing and cutting are becoming weekly occurrence please help with the upkeep when you can and maintain your spot. Also, please see the office if you find and ant or a wasp nest or ant mounds.
• North West Fence replacement is in permitting.
• We’re continuing the overhaul of the Well Pumps. Please let the office know if you come across any issues.
• Thank you to Arron Burnet and Lindsay Kaighin for helping out with the SSN program in Julie’s absence. Welcome back to Julie.
• The Club instructional and rental program has again grown with the purchase of 4 Hobie Waves I came across working with the US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach. These additions were purchased 50% below Market value and have already been sailed. Thank you to Ron Pletsch a serial Club Volunteer and David Hobbs for taking the day to bring the boats home.
Events & Activities

• Recently hosted the Last Jack Attack and last weekend what appeared to me as one of the best yet, the annual SYS End of Summer Party.
• Upcoming: Last FNR on the 25th, Luffing Lassies Intro to Sailing the week leading up to Labor Day, Sarasota Bay Watch Scallop Survey on the 26th, and the 71st Labor Day Regatta. Please let me know if you haven’t already signed up to volunteer. Donna has been feverishly working on the event with Dave and it’s going to a special weekend.
• More of the same for the next 2 months as we anticipate extreme heat and counting the days till fall.


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