Managers Report, 14 Oct 2019



Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome 93 New Memberships to date in 2019. YTD -61 Memberships have resigned, 656 active family Memberships. 35 in collections. 
  • Volunteer hours for Sept. was 246.  YTD hours are 5351.5.  Tony Vandenoever & Family, Andy and Judy Hodgson and Bill Tiffan & Don and Ron. Meet Don on the 19th for the Saturday Work Party at the Club.   

 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • September 16th we received approval from the City to proceed with the Wave Attenuator Project to the City Commissioners for approval. I’ve also received the Grant extension of 1 year for the project S-341.
  • I’ve also received the extension on Grant S-365. Instructional Boat, Boat Lifts, New Motor.  For 1 year.  We have collected $25520 of the available $31500. 
  • I’ve attended the WCIND general grant meeting, with Ted, Richard and Ray.
  • FDEP is in receipt of Wave Attenuator Application.
  • Working with Scott Liebel to review of the floating docks, inspections and maintenance.
  • General Yard Maintenance of note, SYS with another Super Clean of the South Yard.
  • Took receipt of a donated Mitchell Cat Boat and Barry Catlin has volunteered to clean it up for sale or as an addition to our fleet.
  • Still looking for a reputable source for our lift station motor and maintenance.
  • Working on placement and quote from Ben Appel. Initial Quote for 6 Coconut Palms (27’) and 3 Triple Trunk Montgomery Palms is $8800.
  • Working with Mark Liebel to trench the water line for the Education center. Looking to place another refill station for the south grounds and I believe the Ehrhart foundation is once again donating the equipment.
  • Looking to re-shell the drives pre-season. Price of shell has been way up of late.   

Events & Activities –

  • September continued with the successful SYS fall program, and the Lassies pulling together a very successful ITS program. Sundays have seen the return of the PHRF series and Saturday the Scots are regularly racing.  We also hosted a Sarasota Bay Watch Monofilament Clean Up and another visit and talk with US Olympic Team Member and SYS/ SSS product Ravi Parent. 
  • Work Party on the 19th and this month we’ll host the Great Pumpkin Regatta and prep for the 2019/ 2020 racing season.

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