Manager’s Report – 14 Sep 2015

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  • 8 New Memberships added since last Board Meeting. 99 ytd., 768 Active Memberships.
  • Thanks again to those who volunteered during the 69th Labor Day Regatta. Great volunteers make this massive undertaking seem effortless. I had the opportunity along with Commodore Huber to bend the Mayors ear. It was reassuring to hear the kind words he had for the event, Club and one of Sarasota’s oldest traditions.
  • YTD Volunteer hours consistent with the pace of past 4 years. YTD just over 5600, with nearly 1000 hours already in September.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • Reviewing plans for a revamp of the ground maintenance and a return to “sponsored” monthly Work parties.
  • New support boat was in play for the 69th LDR. A much needed Great addition.
  • Big Ben is pulled for a deep clean and bottom paint.
  • Looking to commence the Work area Clean up and also the tender storage. If you have property residing in these areas that you would like to retain please see to it that it’s done. Work to start 9/21/15. Tender owners in racks will be notified this week.
  • With the implementation of the Club AC and in addition to the numerous complements we no longer have to spray the Bar for Mosquitoes during the summer months.
  • Thank you Bob and Brenda Twinem for donating the finishing touches to our Clubs Mission sign.

Events & Activities

  • Leading into Labor Day the Lassies hosted another Introduction to Sailing week. In addition to fulfilling a qualification to our lease the course contributes to our Membership every year.
  • Summer activities are ending with a Friday Night Racing, Sunday Series, Scots and Scows filling out the remainder of September. We’ll also be working with the Guide Dogs and preparing for an October full of events.
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