Managers Report, 8 Apr 2019


  Membership –

  • I’m pleased to welcome 41 New Memberships to date in 2019 & -45 Memberships have resigned, 630 active Memberships. –Perspective- 3 year average (16,17,18) year to date +19 & -49.  9% of Members are City residents as we become increasingly walled off by a very affluent City and increasing the distance between working residents and affordable living. 
  • Cash accounting- 504 paid Memberships 99 in collections.  The Roster is highly scrubbed for this time of year and Cash collected is 2.5 % higher than the previous record set in 2017.
  • Volunteer hours for March 2019 was an amazing 1534.5 making it the 2nd  largest single month in our Club’s history.  2nd only to 2013 October.  As a reminder this City Lease Measureable speaks to the Commissioners as a Health number showing the commitment to sailing in Sarasota.  YTD hours are 2411.6.  Great contributions by, Once Again, Andy and Judy Hodgson, Marshall & Laine Pardey, Belle Baxter and more….
  • New Breezy Blast Editor Laura Maniglia has published.  Please contact the office is you are having trouble viewing the Blast.
  • I would like the board to revisit a move to a more balanced fiscal year for the Club.  Elevating added pressure, and balancing out the work load to match our seasonal nature. 

 Maintained & Maintenance –

  • Looking on go ahead and guidance with the following projects:  Tree removal and planting? West Sea Wall?  Boat Lifts?
  • Working and planning has continued on the replacement of the, the removal of the extra floating docks blocking the unusable Wave Fence and a ramp dredge.  The dredge project ran into some unexpected permitting and will be slightly delayed.
  • All motor boats will be pulled and service over the next month.
  • Met with new WCIND Manager today, Joseph Kraus, with Ted and Richard.
  • With David’s help we’ve started to implement a New yard space inventory system.  You’ll see Red Plastic tags on all the spot and trailers in the near future.

 Events & Activities –

  • Big numbers, exceptional competition and hospitality in March, At the One Design Midwinters, followed by the Flying Scot Midwinters, followed by the Admirals cup and finally with the Sailfest, the SYS biggest fundraiser of the year.  We held a US Sailing Level 1 course and another this weekend.  And we hosted the Physical Education Class from Sarasota School of Arts and Science with 54 participants in the ongoing successful community outreach. 
  • This month we’ll tidy up for Summer and host the Classic and Crafted boat fest, US Sailing Level 1 course both this coming weekend, Sarasota Bay Cup, Sarasota County Sea Grass Survey, and plenty of amazing seasonal sailing.  Also of note St. Mary’s will be returning May 17th.

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