Managers Report, 8 May 2017




• 9 New Memberships since last Board meeting.
• Volunteer hours 2630 ytd is hours.
• Additional notices for unused vessels to be removed will be resent over the next two weeks as we try to chip away at our on land storage wait list.
• Volunteer Hours April 782.1 (2nd best April ever) and YTD 3389.6.

Maintained & Maintenance
• Stand up Freezer this and solar tube lighting is installed.
• Kirk and friends have repaired and replaced all but 1 of the Compos Rose Marks.
• Looking to spend the remaining WCIND grants on Dock and Safety Boat (balance of grant Dock-$5186, Boat-$3497.80).
• Golf Cart has been Tuned Up.

Events & Activities

• SSN Program is hitting its stride. In the first 4 months of this year we have equaled all of 2016 numbers, students and income.
• The weekend of April 22nd we help or hosted a diverse group of successful events with The Classic and Crafted Boat weekend, Swim around Lido, Scouts Rain Gutter Regatta and the Sarasota Bay Cup. Two weekends ago Sarasota County Sea Grass survey was the largest ever. We host another community outreach on the 26th with St. Mary’s Academy, and thank everyone that helps out during the outreach programs.
• Upcoming Tues. night is the Competitors Meeting for the Bone Island Regatta, Wednesday the race starts, this Friday marks the kick off for Friday Night Racing with a Jack Attack on the 12th, the 15th the student of incarnation will visit, the 16th the 8th grade of Sarasota School of Arts and Science will join us for the day, the Luffing Lassies will be ending this season the Scots, Scows and Sunday Series continue over the summer and on the 29 the annual Race Around Lido leads us into Summer.





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