Manager's Report – 9 Apr 2013

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  • Membership has remained steady.
  • 2013 volunteerism is exceptional even by our standards. 2012 recorded hours over 6100, 2013 3 months pace has us ahead 312hrs. Super important please keep up the documentation.
  • Quick appeal: Membership is expected from any guest who is regularly invited to the “Squadron”. I bring this up as I find this to be a regularly abused Standing Rule. Disturbing is the thought that any member would encourage any type of regular use or access to the Club. Membership should be held the highest regards and always promoted without reservation.
  • Recognize the passing of Vaile Scott.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • Office focus on Standing Rule 11 (a) or usage agreement as it’s know, will be intense this year. Please note and make your fellow members aware that consequences will be followed through on this year. Please contact the office if consideration needs to be given.
  • A Gantry for the member work area has been proposed. Exterior seating/ patio chairs on site, Mark and Vinnie reset some floats on the floating docks, Welcome podium ½ done, established camping area, maintaining the power boat fleet.


  • Flying Scot Mids, Sunfish Mids, One Design Mids. Pot o gold, Friday Kick Off & Club Easter Egg hunt, the members and volunteers gave many great reasons to be onsite. Also winding down another successful series for the Flying Scot & Escows.
  • Upcoming Friday night series A, the 8th traditional and class boat fest, the YSP Sailfest and later the first Jack Attack.


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