Managers Report, 9 Dec 2019


Membership –

  • We held the Club’s Annual Membership Meeting on Nov. 24th. I would like to thank the Nominating Committee and Election Committee (Mike Kaighin, Jon Dowd and teams).  I would like to thank and recognize the large volunteer contributors that are our Club’s Board of directors, both coming on and those sailing on. The Club owes Bonus gratitude and Big Thank yous to not only our 2020 on going Board Members, but to Barry Millbourn, Steve McCormack and Steve Sabato who will certainly have more, well deserved, time to sail.
  • I’m pleased to welcome 112 New Memberships to date in 2019. YTD – 82 Memberships have resigned, 652 active family Memberships.  8 in collections. 
  • Volunteer hours for Nov. was 608.5, YTD hours are 6936.3 Big efforts by: Sara King, Charlie and Cindy Clifton and Bob And Brenda Twinem.
  • Paul Hagglund and Marie Horn passed on the Dock Slip so I’ll be continuing the search.
  • This is the time of year compliance emails and letter will be sent so that the Club can better understand the intentions of under used or derelict boats that are being stored here.
  • I would note the passing of Member, “Bill” Brady.
  • At this time I would like to request a motion of the Board to renew the current 32 Honorary Memberships, and add the following 35 yr Honorary Membership to our ranks:



BRADY, Kathleen

MACKAY, John & Paula

MOORE, Ray “Corbin”/DIOURI, Magida


SEE, Nancy & Michael


Maintained & Maintenance –

  • This week Synergy Recycling will visit site to asses the Work Area Clean Out Catch Basin and quote debris removal.
  • Still down to one Tractor as the Large Kubota is at Franz awaiting warranty details, parts for repair.
  • RE-shell drives on hold till Large Kubota returns.
  • Removed the Floating docks that resided along the Wave Fence.
  • Replaced the Stone house doors and added security locks.
  • Replaced lighting in and around the Education building and inside. Waiting for Doug Kresge to recommend replacement lights for the poles around the perimeter of the site.


Events & Activities –

  • A well-attended Race Committee Seminar held by the Sunday Series crew, the Lily Kaighin Memorial is always a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Member, Sailor and Volunteer, the Sunfish Regionals was a little on the wild side but in the end a great event. We had our Annual Membership Meeting and welcome in the Club’s officers, Drumstick Regatta was fun and Nelly and the volunteer army once again put on a Wonderful – Sold Out- Thanksgiving Dinner.  Last week the Scows held a clinic and Ray held a Sunday Free Sail on the Clubs rental boats.  Thank you for those who captained the fleet.
  • This weekend kicks off the VX & Viper sport boat series and the Annual Holiday Dinner and parade of boats. Please note if you are looking to join us Saturday night ticket need to be purchased in advance.  This will sell out and we down to 15 dinners available as of today, event on Saturday the 14th. We’ll end out the year with the Commodores Cup and see you next year at the Annual Hang Over Regatta.

Quickly I would also like to thank Lorri, Dave and Nelly for a great year.  Their dedication to the World’s Greatest Sailing Club is felt daily.

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