Manager's Report – 9 Feb 2015

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  • Volunteer will be needed in force for the March Events when we host both National and International sailing events.
  • 2015 bills have been sent. Please contact the office with any updates to your membership, personal information or fees.
  • Membership is nearly 770 as of today. With 7 new from the last Board Meeting.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • The activity the office will focus on the best use of the leased land and regular amounts of activity for the Membership.  IT IS NOT AN ORGANIZATION TO PROVIDE A PLACE FOR THE STORAGE OF INACTIVE SAILBOATS. Usage agreement is once a month for at least 6 months out of the year.
  • We are also focused on contractors operating on the property.  It is a requirement to have contractors sign in at the office. I’m asking for cooperation from the Membership.  Unqualified vendors, uninsured vendors and the ability to be the best ecological stewards we can be with our campus as we move to prioritizing our green living.

Events & Activities

  • Race Management Clinic big success.
  • Commodores Cup and dinner was cancelled due to weather.
  • The VX Ones returned and realized the largest start for this young fleet.
  • Venice Windjammer was another successful.
  • The Cherry Pie Multi Hull Rendezvous and Viper Winter Series raced last weekend.
  • Up soon Fireside Chat and Chili Cook off, Windsurfing Classic, MC Cup, and the marathon weeks with the Flying Scot Midwinter’s, Club One Design Midwinter’s and the Albacore Internationals.
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