Manager's Report – 9 Mar 2015

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  • Reminder that Volunteers will be needed in force for the Upcoming Events Fling Scot Mids, OD MIDs and Albacore Internationals.
  • Also note that although most of the activity is during the Week there is the possibility of some slight parking and access inconveniences.  Please feel free to contact me directly to see if your plans may be impacted.
  • Volunteer hours for the year are at 1300 hours.
  • To date we have had 43 new Memberships in 2015 same period last year saw 42 new Memberships.  2014 we captured 132 new Members to the Club.   
  • 2015 bills have been sent.  Were approaching the 60 day past due point where privileges may be suspended.  A reminder invoice will be sent out this week.
  • We currently show 787 active Memberships.  With 14 new from the last Board Meeting.
  • Congratulations Ron Pletch, Kenny McKinny, Dave Hillmyer.
  • Still looking for a part time tractor operator for the Club.
  • Guest Pass- tabled until after the Elections and more research with the City.  This will have a economic impact and grow the rental and educational opportunities and our Mission.

Maintained & Maintenance

  • We passed our Annual Hoist Inspection.
  • I’m asking for cooperation from the Membership to have their contractors sign in at the office when performing work onsite.  We are simply Applying the Club rules and attempting to help the Membership with the Unqualified vendors, uninsured vendors and the vendor that does not have our best ecological intentions in mind.  We are continuing the push on this campus to an active “green” facility.  
  • C-dock progress is picking up steam with Barry and Scott making some headway towards replacement, WCIND grant and Wave Fence.

Events & Activities

  • Fireside Chat and Chili Cook off with Laura Proctor taking home 1st and Commodores Presentation.  Windsurfing Classic, MC Cup.
  • Next up the Flying Scot Midwinter’s, Club One Design Midwinter’s and the Albacore Internationals.  
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