Phase 1 Plan for Limited Activities

I want to congratulate all of you on a successful re-opening. It is encouraging to see our friends and members back on the water and enjoying the club in a safe and socially responsible manner! The corona virus is still with us, so please remain vigilant and cautious. Below you will find the Board’s original plan, with changes highlighted for your convenience. General Guidelines The overall expectation remains that sailors will come to the squadron, launch their boats, sail, and then return home. We are asking you to refrain from socializing at the Squadron, and the areas where we traditionally get together (club house, bar, picnic tables) will remain closed. The restrooms in the Stone House will be open for use. Below are some general guidelines for all of us to follow:
  • If you are sick or a vulnerable individual, please stay at home.
  • The club will return to normal operating hours. However, the gate will only be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (See below for more information).
  • While ashore, please maximize physical distance from others.
  • In areas where you cannot maintain 6 feet of separation, please wear a mask (or a neck gaiter, buff, or other suitable device to cover your mouth and nose).
  • Guests are welcome to use the club, and boat owners may sail with non-family members. Limit the crew on your boat to 5 or less. As the owner/sponsor, please ensure that your guests follow CDC guidance and club rules.
  • Limited fleet sailing and activities ashore may resume. Fleets must keep groups to 10 or less and need to maintain 6 feet of separation between groups.
The Front Gate The gate will only be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You are welcome to remain at the club after 5:00 p.m. and the gate will open automatically to let you exit. If you desire entry to the club at other times, you will need to call the office at (941) 388-2355 for the gate code. (The code has not changed since we re-opened the Squadron.) Sign-In Station The Sign-in/Sign-Out station is no longer needed. Boat Storage Areas and Launch Sites Here are some considerations for getting your boat in and out of the water:
  • Limit gatherings and launchings to no more than 10 people. Maintain 6 feet of separation between groups.
  • Maximize your distance from others.
  • Wear a mask (or a suitable substitute) if you cannot maintain 6 feet of separation.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands if you touch objects that others frequently handle.
  • The hoist is closed for construction but is occasionally free on weekends. We will notify members via email on days when it will be available. Thanks for your patience and understanding, but we need to get A-Dock built before our grant expires.
  • Call the office to schedule use of the Kubota. The small Kubota is available for use but must be self-cleaned prior to use. We will make cleaning supplies available.
Restrooms The Stone House will be the only restroom facility open. We will have those professionally cleaned every day, and there will be sanitizing materials available for your use. If possible, please limit occupancy to one per side. If you must share the facility with others, wear a mask (or suitable substitute). Sailing Lessons Limited sailing lessons in the Hobie Waves (single-handed catamarans) will resume in early June. To facilitate social distancing, your instructor will coach from a power boat. We look forward to getting our new sailors back on the water! Please call the office at (941) 388-2355 to book your lesson. Rental Fleet Yes, we will have boats available for your use! Call the office to schedule a boat. You may now sail with other squadron members and guests. Our staff will clean and disinfect your boat prior to your use. However, we are asking you to bring your own life jacket and communication device (VHF radio or cell phone). Your Board will continue to monitor state and local guidance and make changes where we can. Have fun and be safe. Kindest Regards, Richard Elsishans, Commodore On behalf of the Board of Directors

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