Please Note Parking Oct.18-26

F18 Americas Championship Regatta Boat Parking Diagram

Hello SSS Members:

In case you have not heard, the Sarasota Sailing Squadron will be hosting the Zhik F18 Americas Championship Regatta from October 19 – 26, 2013.  This international regatta will represent the North & South American Championship for the Formula 18 catamaran class for 2013. It is intended to be the equivalent of the European class championship and just one step below a World Championship.   It will also crown the US F18 Champion for 2013.  We are excited to have been asked to host such a prestigious event.  We expect to have somewhere between 50 and 60 boats participating and we have entries from as far away as Australia, the Netherlands and Argentina.

As part of the preparation for such an event we have to consider where we are going to have competitors keep their boats throughout the event.  One of the considerations was that these catamarans are beach launched.  The SSS grounds have been measured and we have come up with what we believe to be the best case scenario for storing the boats while keeping the competitors in close proximity to each other so they get to enjoy the great regatta camaraderie while rigging and de-rigging their boats each day.

Please see the attached layout of the SSS grounds and our intent on storing the F18’s throughout the event.    The areas depicted in red are the areas where we will ask the competitors to keep their boats throughout the event.  Boats currently stored on the right hand side of the main road when you drive in, up through the front of the youth sailing area will be moved for the event.  All other parking is where boats are not currently stored, however, there are some areas where F18’s may be stored in front of boats parked in the yard.

We will take every measure possible to ensure that members are able to access their boats throughout the event.  As such, we are asking that if your boat is going to be impacted during the regatta and you intend to use your boat, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may move it to a more convenient location for you.

If you do not intend to use your boat during this event but something comes up and you need access to your boat, please just come see us in the office and we will accommodate you.

We hope that you are as excited as we are for this event!!  If you want to volunteer in some capacity during the regatta – please contact Deb St James, Event Chair at or the SSS office.


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