Proposed By Law Changes for 2018

By Law Changes

There are several By Law changes that have been reviewed by the Board and will appear on the November Ballot for membership review and approval. A summary of the changes can be found by clicking HERE; specific language changes to the By Laws  will appear on the ballot itself, as in prior years.

Budgeting and Spending

In addition to the 6 By Law changes referenced above, a change to the By laws relative to Budgeting and Spending is also being proposed. The current language in the By Laws requires Board Review of expenditures greater than $5,000, unless already included in the SSS Long Range Plan (LRP). However, the By Laws do not address approval authority for expenditures less than $5,000 in any month or series of months, nor does it address whether funds for projects specified in the LRP are available in the club’s budget. Note the LRP at this time does not include dollar requirements for specific projects

The proposed  revision moves the specifics of the budgeting and spending requirements to the Standing Rules, and  specifies that all expenditures in excess of $5,000 must be approved by the Executive Committee (who will confirm adequate budget and / or cash available), and that expenses less than $5,000 must be either budgeted for in the club Plan, or if not budgeted, then must be approved by the Executive Committee. The proposed By Laws also add the requirement for a Sustainment Budget, in additional to an Expense Budget and Capital Plan. The Sustainment Budget is the annual Capital / and / or  Expense “set aside” requirements necessary to accumulate adequate Capital over time for repair and maintenance of club facilities and infrastructure (roofs, buildings, docks, etc.).

You can view the proposed Budgeting and Spending language changes by clicking HERE. Note the current By Law is on the first page, and the proposed replacement is on page 2.


If there are any questions or suggestions relative to these changes, please feel free to contact me at, or any Board Member.

Thank You.

Alan Pariser, Secretary

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