Proposed New Guest Policy

As you may be aware the current Standing Rules encourage frequent guests of club functions or attendance at the club to become members. However there are still many guests at the club that are in frequent attendance at club events such as racing or social events, or on club property without becoming members. Many of our members who faithfully pay their dues to belong to the club and contribute the required volunteer hours required of a member in good standing have pointed out that this is unfair to those active, contributing members. As a result, the board is considering a revision to the Standing Rules effective July 1, as noted below.

As a member , you may have multiple guests on an occasional basis, which is unaffected by this change in Standing Rules. However, the board urges all members to review the proposed changes (below), and please feel free to contact any of the Board Members with your comments. All member input will be considered before any final decision is made. Thank You.

 Proposed Guest Policy

All Guests must be accompanied by a sponsoring member. No guests are permitted on the premises without their sponsoring member present. The sponsoring member is responsible for their guests while on the club premises.

Requirement for Frequent Guest to become a Member

All guests are invited to become a member and are required to do so if at the squadron or attending club functions such as races or regattas more than 6 times in any calendar year.  Guests that are required to become members must join in order to continue attendance at the club and/or participation in Squadron events, or be asked to leave. Continued violation of this rule may result in a trespass warning being issued and/or other such legal actions, including but not limited to assessment of the sponsoring member for the guest’s Membership dues.

Guest Parking

Only members may park on club premises and only in designated parking areas so as not to block access to ramps, lifts, or other member’s boats. Members will be issued 2 parking stickers per membership, and a sticker must be displayed on the dash board of the vehicle when parked on club premises. Guests and / or Regatta attendees may not park on club premises. Loading and unloading of boats and equipment is permitted for a limited time and under supervision of the staff. Vehicle operator must be present to move the vehicle if needed. Violators of the parking policy will be subject to parking fines of $25, payable by the member or sponsoring member if a guest violation and/or may be subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

Guest Limitations

Members are reminded that Guests are not Members of the club and are therefore subject to the following limitations:

  • Guests are not to be in the clubhouse without a member or staff present
  • No Guests are permitted behind the bar; Members over 21 only behind the bar
  • No guests are allowed in the kitchen area; Members only in the kitchen (unless authorized by the office – e.g. Chef’s at a catered event)
  • Access Codes to building doors and or club gates are not to be disclosed to guests



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