Easter Success- Thank you to all!

Easter3We had an absolute blast at our Easter Party- Open House! We had ALOT of kids show up, the party started with the Easter Bunny mingling with the kids around the swing set, the looks on the little ones faces were great, a mix of surprise and awe- this was the real living easter bunny! After a few minutes, we corralled all the kids onto the porch while Craig and a handful of volunteers quickly hid the eggs around the club house.Easter1

The kids found all 1025 eggs in no time while the Easter Bunny made its way to the Precision at the end of the floating dock, soon the kids were lined up for pictures with the Bunny on the sail boat! In the mean time the grill was running at full speed, everyone was soon feasting on Sausage, Hamburgers, Hotdogs and a nice variety of potluck dishes.

Easter2The Bunny continued to mingle with the kids for the next hour or so, thank you to the willing group of teen volunteers who were so great in interacting with the kids. Of course this description of events is not complete without telling how a few of the young ones followed the Easter Bunny into the office and caught the bunny in the act of "changing volunteers"...... So busted!!! Later, the little brother of another teen volunteer started spreading the rumor that the Easter Bunny was actually his big sister!Easter4

Overall, turnout was great and the volunteers where fabulous, a special thank you to out grill masters, bartenders/cashier, set up and clean up crew. An extra special thank you to Nellie and Craig for helping to pull this off seamlessly!

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