Squadron Presents Kayak Proposal to City

While we have been pursuing the kayak rack project on the radio station property as a “B” priority it has recently become more important to the City of Sarasota.

We were contacted by the Public Works Department a few weeks ago and asked to share our ideas. It was important for us to make a presentation to the City Commissioners and to insure the Squadron remains a front runner for any development of this property which abuts our leasehold on 3 sides.

I am happy to say Craig and I received full staff and Commission support for continuing our pursuit of this project. If you are interested in the proceedings and the resulting motion the link below will take you to the video portion of our presentation.


I have asked Ed Steenstra to assume Committee Chair responsibilities and he is moving ahead on information gathering, site plans and construction bids.

The real work entails the City modifying the interlocal park management agreement with the County and the creation of a separate Lease agreement for this parcel of land. It may even require an ordinance or an exception to a 1993 ordinance dictating land usage in Ken Thompson Park.

Our next scheduled presentation is 3 months out to make sure we are working with the new Commission (post May runoff) and allowing City staff time to get proposed documents drafted.

All of this is subject to Squadron Board review and approval so this memo is simply to inform you of our recent public appearance downtown.

It is also gratifying to be well received by the entire Commission. This is certainly not what it felt like in 2007 and 2008. I believe we have come a long way in the eyes of the City.


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  1. Hello,

    My wife Marge and I are new members of the SSS and kayak owners. We thank you for your efforts.


    Lou Chicatelli