Board Meeting Agenda, May 9, 2016

  • Call to Order 7:00PM
  • Roll Call
  • Last Month’s Minutes
  • Member Access Agenda Items (3 min.)
  • Manager’s Report
  • Organization Reports

o    Sarasota Youth Sailing

o    Luffing Lassies

o    Corinthian Fund

o    Sarasota Bay Yachting Association

  • Unfinished Business

o    C-dock progress

o    Wave fence progress

o    Rules Committee progress

o    SYS contribution

  • New Business

o    Deck material selection:  wood or composite

o    Painting of SYS Building

  • Active Projects

o    SYS Agreement

o    WCIND Grant Status

o    Committee Boat purchase committee activity

o    Directors to do list/Capital projects

  • Board/Committee Reports
    • o Social Coordinator, Jesse Brunsvold
      • Entertainment Committee, Membership Committee
    • o Education Coordinator, Ray Markham
      • Education Committee
    • o Treasurer, Donna Kesten
      • Finance Committee, 2016 budget

o    Regatta Director, Deb St. James

o    Race Captain, Richard Elsishans

  • Race Committee
  • o Fleet Captain, Ron Pletsch
    • Cruising Committee, RC boat committee

o    Secretary, Alan Pariser

  • Standing Rules Committee, WEB site Committee

o    Rear Commodore, Ted Weihe

  • Dock Committee, Building Committee, Long Range Planning Committee

o    Vice Commodore, Scott Liebel

o    Commodore, Barry Millbourn

  • SSS Agreements Committee, Executive Committee
  • Member Access Other (3 Min.)
  • 8:30 PM Adjournment

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