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Manager, Craig Bridges

Craig Bridges

The first third of 2013 has been a remarkable dash.  The long established notion that we are genuinely the “World’s Greatest Sailing Club” has been repeatedly confirmed over the last couple of weeks.

Full of fun, racing and social functions these last two weeks demonstrated the dedication of our diverse membership to recognize and supply all recreational water enthusiasts with a venue and value without parallel.  The agenda and passionate approach to readily provide access to our Bay for the areas sailors has never been more apparent.

Last weekend with the YSP, Commodore Jennings, the BKYC and an outpouring of volunteers collectively filled Sarasota Bay with hundreds of sailors and boats.  Not since last year’s Labor Day Regatta has so many Sailboats packed Sarasota Bay.  The 2013 YSP Sailfest from all accounts was a fantastic success.  Over 200 sailors, quality conditions, and competition made the weekend.  In the end it was nice to see familiar young faces from around the Club on the awards podium.  Well done!  With Commodore Jennings guidance the Club hosted the 8th annual Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival.  Joined by some of the areas famous designers, boat builders, craftsmen and cool “salts” we had a marvelous mix of boats and personalities.  The beauty and art of the boats was not lost and the opportunity to share firsthand knowledge and history was a truly unique.  As you read this Commodore Jennings is debriefing the event and looking at dates for the 2014 9th annual GCTSC Fest.  I hope everyone will mark that date and join us.  Finally, once again many of the Clubs Sailors joined in the Sarasota Bay Cup fleet last Saturday.  And once again, like last year, the Club was well represented and much of the awarded hardware made its way back to the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.  Great showing!

I look forward to seeing you around the “World’s Greatest Sailing Club”.


Craig's Corner — 3 Comments

  1. My email response back to Shelly who had emailed the previous day regarding her concerns.

    Hi Shelly,

    I am sorry to hear about your disappoint with the race course for the Lasers/420/and Multihulls. It was not something we wanted to do with the speed differences but unfortunately with the other regatta happening on the bay, we were limited with space. We also had a lot of late signups in the last few days and already had a plan in place. We should have had a separate race course and will for the future. I am disappointed to hear about some language issues out on the water and of course that is nothing I can control. It clearly is a violation of the rules of sailing and would not have been condoned should a protest against one of the offenders went through.

    Running a regatta of this size is a lot of work, especially with an all volunteer staff. We will work harder to fix the issues you brought up and hope that you will choose to come back to our regatta in the future.


    David Livingston
    SYS Director of Sailing

  2. I was out there taking pictures for a few hours and didn’t see anything that looked at all dangerous. Looked like fun to me.

  3. A fantastic success? Really? Were we at the same event? It was the most dangerous regatta I’ve ever attended! The laser sailors were getting run over by the Multihulls! Disgusting!!!!