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Manager, Craig Bridges

Craig Bridges

The pre summer south ground clean up was exceptionally productive volunteer Saturday. The variety in age of the many volunteers was close to 80 years and the goals were achieved in just a few hours. The south grounds are “ship shape” as the SYSP prepares for its 2013 summer. Over 50 volunteers participated from SYSP parents and kids to “Ball Busters” to toddlers. Thank you to all that participated on that warm morning.

For over 30 years the annual summer tradition of youth sailing camp reminds the members and community what an amazing and truly unique operation we share. I, like other SSS members, was fortunate enough to experience the summer sailing program and capture so many extraordinary memories at the SSS over the last 30 years. Summer time at the “Club”, sense of community and atmosphere at our little piece of heaven are some of the reasons you may see, on any given day, 3 generations of Bridges on site. We are truly the “Greatest Sailing Club in the World”.

Another tradition that seems to grow every year is the Memorial Day RAL or Race Around Lido. It has developed into a mesh of fun and competition for all ages. With the direction and support of our Luffing Lassies, this event blends a unique format and outdoor fun on the water into an event for all styles of silent water enthusiast. As the race format is a “guess your finish time” you can only imagine the difficulty is in the estimating. This year’s event had a couple of ties. 2 competitors guessed within a minute for first place and two within 5 minutes of their finish times for Third. After a brief water slide competition/ “tie breaker” hats off to Trevor Stone, Casey Goers (tie-1st), Tom Moore 2nd place & Michelle Lee, Jim Eldridge (tie-3rd). Also of note was Jim Zellmer as he packed the Maine Cat to capacity 20 or 25 people, I lost count. All of the 44 vessels enjoyed the near perfect conditions and most importantly a safe and entertaining day on the water.

So much to do and see around the “Club”: This Friday is a “Jack Attack” Friday & we’ll be hosting the SRQ SWAT team as they perform training all day. Saturday is the second Passage Maker pot Luck dinner and meeting. The first meeting was a grand social and seminar and I’m confident the second will be notable success. Good people, food and the discussion of sailing and camaraderie with folks that share a love of the water. On June 10th the SYSP Summer camp opens and the following weekend the 1st Bunkie Regatta will be held crowning both the Bikini Cup & Unkie champions of the Club.

I hope you’ll have time to join us for all the fun. A quick reminder the Friday night series is in full swing and last Final Friday we landed a Band that kept the sailors rocking well into the night. Keep an eye on the Calendar as both Friday and Sunday sailing options are available this time of year.

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