Craig's Corner

Manager, Craig Bridges

Craig Bridges

Enjoying an assortment of summer activity and sailing despite the rapidly forthcoming summer heat.

Over the last couple weeks, the Club participated with the Sarasota County SWAT team in water tactical training in and around the facility. That same evening the Friday night racers held the monthly Jack Attack and shared our Club’s spirit with our neighbors to the South. The following day the second Passage Maker pot Luck dinner and meeting was held, as members discussed sailing, travelling and water safety. This past weekend was the introduction of the Bunkie (Bikini/ Unkie race). A very fun and well attended race as the Club’s ladies and men competed in this single and double handed showdown. A large variety of boats and very skilled sailors enjoyed a beautiful afternoon on Sarasota Bay and sportsmanship and camaraderie were evident on and off the water.

Remember to keep an eye on the Calendar as we’re offering a whole lot of value driven sailing, fun and entertainment. Don’t miss out on the Sun Coast Laser Series event this Saturday and the Final Friday Docktail Party and race June 28th. In addition to the entertainment at this month’s Docktail and race we’ll be featuring discounted margaritas.

I hope you’ll have time to join us for all the upcoming merriment and events. Keep an eye on the Calendar as both Friday and Sunday sailing options are available this time of year.

We look forward to seeing you around the “Club”.

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