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Manager, Craig Bridges

Craig Bridges

Thank you to all that have volunteered to participated and support the hundreds of sailing and social events in 2013. At the core of our organization’s success is the Member Volunteer. It is by design and a direct result of the Club’s Volunteers that we all enjoy this active, affordable, unique and casual Club. Volunteer hours in 2013 have surpassed the 10K mark. Yes 10K hours! This year will be the largest, by more than 40%, number of volunteer hours reported to the City of Sarasota ever. The City of Sarasota looks at the devotion to our mission and the outpouring of Volunteerism as a distinguishing attribute worthy of recognition and support. A moment of personal recognition at this year’s Club Holliday Awards Dinner went out to the 3 outgoing Board of Directors: David Jennings, Michelle Lee and Donna Hillmyer, for outstanding volunteer commitment we recognized Vinnie Algozino, Ruth & Chuck Nordman. Also, Jim Barr - Sailor of the Year, Deb St. James - Member of the Year and Ravi Parent and Sam Armington - Outstanding Youth Award.

The removal and replacement of the 3 Club Docks are nearly complete. Recognized in our organizations 2010 Long Range Plan as a Facility and Maintenance priority this is the largest single undertaking in our Clubs history. Slated for a ribbon cutting Dec. 31st the completion of these docks will surely enhance the Members experience at our “little” sailing Club. Thank you to Ron Pletsch and his band of volunteers who are making solid progress on the 19 floating docks set for replacement. To date the floating docks are half accomplished with the hopes of finishing mid January?

With the influx of activity the office will be focused on usage and storage in 2013. Standing Rule 11 (a) this is a not for profit sailing club open to anyone sincerely interested in the sport of sailing. IT IS NOT AN ORGANIZATION TO PROVIDE A PLACE FOR THE STORAGE OF INACTIVE SAILBOATS. Usage agreement is once a month for at least 6 months out of the year. Members not in compliance, starting January of 2014, will be charged the “Dead boat rate” until compliance is realized. We are looking at dates in mid January for the annual Hoist inspection and will post the days on the Club Web Calendar. Also of note we are moving to have the “Work Area” cleaned out in January. If you have property left in or around the Club’s work area please remove it immediately. All abandoned property is subject to removal and disposal.

Great times at the 2014 Drumstick Regatta, the Club Thanksgiving Dinner, the 2014 Commodores Cup and the Holiday Dinner, Club Awards and Parade of Boats. Plenty of reasons to spend some time at your Club in the next few weeks: The Dock Ribbon Cutting & New Year’s Eve Party, Annual Hangover Regatta, Scots & Scows gatherings, Sailmonster series, One Design Race Clinic, Snowbird Regatta and the Fireside Chat & Club Chili Cook off on Jan 31st and finally the Cherry Pie Multi Hull & Club Cherry Pie race.

I look forward to seeing you around the “Club”.

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