From the Commodore

I am counting down the hours to our annual meeting so this will be my last Breezy Blast/Web Post submission. Our annual election is nigh and campaigning is at a fever pitch. Unfortunately, much of it is negative. There are some things to keep in mind, though if you have not voted or will be attempting to change your vote.

  1. It is interesting to note BOTH candidates for Commodore support the Bylaw changes and one of them sat on the committee which was unanimous in their support. This debunks at least one lie being perpetuated by some who would have you think the sky is falling.
  1. It is impossible for ANY Board of Directors to turn the Squadron in to a “yacht club” and to suggest so shows an ignorance of our 67 year history and total misunderstanding of how beholden we are to the City of Sarasota to provide public benefit. The sky is not falling as some would have you believe.  
  1. Some of the loudest of the “negative” voices have what I would call clear conflicts of interest. In fact, a recent on line search shows one candidate using the Squadron address as a business address. This individual would surely want you to think the sky is falling.
  1. Club finances are not secretive and our sitting Treasurer has gone out of her way to post as much detail as possible on our website this entire calendar year. All one has to do is read the articles and review the links. The sky is not falling.

I could go on and on but have instead tried very hard these last couple of months to remain as positive as possible. Maybe historical perspective makes me take some of this craziness in stride. One of my immediate neighbors is a founding member (1947). Years ago, I was tasked with inviting him to the Squadron’s 50th birthday celebration in 1997. His reaction shocked me…he said, “I would not step foot in that crazy pit of back stabbing SOB’s if it was my last day on earth!” Aghast, I said, “Oh, it’s not like that at all! When was the last time you were on property?” He replied, “1967!” One of the proudest moments of my entire Board tenure (6 years) was bumping in to this 90+ year old gentlemen just a couple weeks ago. With the help of a friend and a few more of us, he launched his sailboat and spent the entire day on Sarasota Bay. This was not his first time back on property since our conversation years ago but his renewed interest in our Club tells me the sky is not falling. Control your own perspective. Perspective is everything!

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