Special Website Committee

John HuberI have appointed a special committee headed by Paul Cogsdill to look into possible improvements to our Squadron website. Paul will be working with Mike Halliday (our webmaster), his committee, and the Board of Directors in coming up with suggestions to help make our website the best it can be.

I would like to thank Mike Halliday for his continued hard work in setting up and maintaining our Squadron website. He does all this work with very little assistance. We all owe Mike a big debt of gratitude for his continued dedication and support of our Squadron. I am sure Mike will appreciate a little help.

I would also like to thank Paul for volunteering to help with our website design. He has already started to get ideas and suggestions on what functions we would like incorporated in our website. I am sure with the expertise of Mike, Paul and the committee, our website will continue to improve.

Thanks again for all of your help.
John Huber, Commodore

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