Where's the Commodore?

(A diary of John Huber's Atlantic crossing)

We did a tour of the Rock of Gibraltar it was very interesting. Gibraltar was given to the British in 1713 and Spain tried to take it back by force in 1776 but we're not successful. They built some tunnels for defense in the 1700s but the tunnel system was expanded to over 30 miles during WW2. One natural cave was used as an emergency hospital during the war.

Africa is only 7 miles across the Straights of Gibraltar, so on a clear day, it's very easy to see the mountains of African.

We plan on leaving Gibraltar about 8:00am and should arrive in Rabat about 10:00am. I'm not sure if we will have wifi. Put I'll try to keep you updated when I can. We should have calm seas and light winds so I'm sure we will be motoring at least part of the way.


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  1. Really enjoy this well written report. Have a great time in Morocco. Look ford to the updates.