Long Range Planning Committee Update

In February, John Huber appointed a Long Range Planning Committee which is chaired by Barry Millbourn and cooperated by Ted Weihe with Herb Larrabee, Scott Liebel and Donna Hillmyer as members; and John Huber and Craig Bridges as ex-official members.  The committee met on March 16 for a walk around, and initial meeting.  We agreed to develop a land use plan for the club and initially focus on circulation, car parking and boat storage.  Later, we will study landscape, waterfront, dingy area, docks, hoists, SYS boat storage, work area and buildings.  The goal is to allow members to provide input, and develop a consensus.  We realize that we have a limited budget, and want to be realistic in recommended changes, though we envision a long range plan as well.

We thought that the initial efforts should focus on car circulation with the following characteristics: (1) one way streets to reduce conflicts, angle boats and open up more space for boat storage; (2) separate cars and pedestrians on the main road; (3) reduce conflicts in moving boats to and from the hoist and launch area; and (3) move cars out of the hoist and launch areas, and away from launch area.

Here is our initial proposal for car circulation for your inputs which were developed by Herb Larrabee and shared with the committee.  We posted this material on the board’s bulletin board.   You can record comments on the SSS website or send them directly to Ted Weihe at Picardy210@gmail.com. Ted holds an advanced degree in planning and has many years of experience in neighborhood planning.

There are also basic maps of the club area in Craig’s office so that you can pencil in your own ideas and share them with the committee.  We plan to test the one way streets with signage and car parking signs to see how they work.  Eventually, we plan to make the circulation permanent, re-align and narrow streets, angle boats, and expand space for boat storage as the club keeps growing.   We are also thinking of putting frequently launched boats near the ramp, and clustering one design boats.  So, if you see some changes, we are exploring options and want your feedback.


Long Range Planning Committee Update — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your comments. I have no agenda, but agree that one way circulation is the starting point. I would like to limit parking and a good start is to put cars along the seawall where boats and trailers make no sense because of saltwater spray. I agree that we should prohibit most cars during major regattas and, in fact, think we can develop a proto type plan for major events. Since cars already park and use the land around the tower, we are suggesting a gate on our property. The goal is to try to limit cars to leave or pick up students from driving on SSS grounds. With changes in Sarasota board and lack of SSS control of tower property, i see no reason to pursue this, and we already have storage for kayaks, etc

  2. I like the one-way system. I notice that several members already adopt a one-way system when the Squadron is busy, so it seems natural to encourage that with a few signs.
    But the parking arrangement makes no sense to me. The City has blessed us with almost unlimited parking adjacent to our grounds, so it seems fiscally irresponsible to dedicate any space to cars which could be occupied by boats generating revenue. The SW perimeter, particularly, has been successfully housing boats for years, and any suggestion that those boats could be placed elsewhere in the yard would only demonstrate that we are under-utilizing our space.
    I have no problem with cars in the yard when the Squadron is not busy; let them park wherever they don’t block boat access. But, during busy regattas, let’s keep cars out of the yard and make boat launching easier.
    Finally, I urge caution with the proposed SYS access. The diagram suggests regular vehicular use of property which is not ours and which, at one time, the City expressed interest in converting to kayak storage.

  3. Consider rethinking the parking just inside the gate. .. incoming traffic will have no way of seeing in advance if other parking on the groundsight be available. .. just a thought..