The Lassies have Regatta Fever!

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The Lassies have regatta fever.  Our biggest regatta, the Florida Women’s Sailing Association’s Rainbow Regatta will be held on Tuesday, April 21, at the Davis Island Yacht Club.  We hired coaches to come out on the water during the past few weeks to share their racing expertise that will give us the cutting edge over the other eight clubs participating.  As all sailors know, every day on the water the conditions vary, and the sailor who identifies it first usually wins.  Our coaches gave us extra tips on handling strong current at the start lines and at mark roundings so we feel more than prepared.  Thank you Coach Mike from the YSP.  The Lassies have 12 Sunfish boats competing plus our Pram team of four sailors – Gail Seidman, Lisa Ehrhart, Jane Ownes and Cyndi Paxton.  We have 15 spectators traveling up as well.  The Regatta has over 8 perpetual trophies to compete for, and the Lassies are defending three trophies.  Wish us good winds.

Penny Durham
Captain, Luffing Lassie


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