2016 Race Around Lido – Another Big Success

Dear Lassies,

What a fantastic Memorial Day tradition!! I just have to thank all of you for your hard work and team spirit.  Check out the pictures on our Facebook page.

Today’s Race Around Lido was a great day thanks to the hardest working women I know.  It was a record day with wonderfully cooperating weather ( storm went East and we went West).  Such a great family event.

53 boats sailed!!  150 + meal tickets sold, T-shirts almost all gone, Jelly Bean guess a big hit, $164 in 50/50 raffle sales.

First of all, big thanks to Cheryl for organizing all our terrific volunteers.  Many logged over 9 hours.  Such great dedication.

The kitchen crew of Marlea, Gerri, Joan, Jan L, had the watermelons cut, salad made, drinks mixed in no time flat.  We were in very capable hands and easily met the 11:30 start.  Great work team.

The registration crew of Linda S, Ursula and Sue Davidson had their work cut out for them.  Most folks registered today so there was a lot of paperwork but we didn’t lose a sailor!

Thanks to Krystna’s fabulous t-shirt design, sales were brisk.  Linda T, Brenda and Ginger were having a great time selling.

Gail and Barbara S are the sales folks extraordinaire by selling $164 for the 50/50 raffle.  I won so I donated my half back to the LL.

Then it came time to eat and Laney, Jan L, Lisa E and Gerri did a great job under Nellie’s strict tutelage on how to serve.  Many folks appreciated having lunch beforehand vs eating afterwards.

The biggest hit of the day of course was the giant slide arranged by Brenda Scanlon.  The kids and several Lassies will be sleeping well tonight.

The awards were great.  Harriet O and Linda Soderlund did a wonderful job with the categories and the awards.  I loved the oldest sailor category and they received back pain relief meds. Ursula and Linda’s mystery awards were welcomed especially by the youngest kids who got free ice cream.

Gillian and her husband held the games on Lido and picked just a great spot on South Lido Beach.  It was amazing some of the 420’s actually beat us to our spot. The water was deep and the sand was perfect so everyone enjoyed the break and playing the games.  There was an egg toss for the winning groups and it was amazing how far apart they got before breakage! Skilled sailor hands.

Rescue boats were in the good hands of Linda and Bill Tiffan and luckily we didn’t have any rescues except for a Hobie Cat that blew a pontoon.  The crew caught rides and everyone returned safely. Thanks to Barbara B, Erharts and the Whatmore’s plus all the SSS folks for providing rescue boats.

The ice cream sundaes were a big hit with Gerri as scooper along with several others.

And of course a big, big salute to our bar tenders – Tom Schwartz, Elaine, Ann, and Danielle.

We in general had a lot of help.  Jackie B, Krystna, Donna, Jo D, Susan G for filling in where needed.

It was just a great day and at one point Susan G turned to me and said that this was such fun being with all the Lassies, hanging and working and just being together and I think that sums it up the best.

I have enjoyed being your Captain, but my duties are now done and you are now in the excellent hands of Ginger Markham.

If I missed someone, I do apologize.  It was a long, but glorious day.

See you on the water,




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