Introduction to Sailing a Big Success

This year’s Introduction to Sailing week resulted in graduates who will continue their training throughout the 2015-2016 season. They will now be honing their skills on the race course and joining the ranks of the Luffing Lassies. When surveyed at the end of the first week on the water, the women were asked “What did you like most about the training?” Their responses reflect not only the caliber of the instruction, but the camaraderie that developed among the class members. Below is a small sample…

What did you like most about the training course?

“The support of all the Lassies – old and new! Learning something new among women is such a gentler and kinder way to help reach success.”

“Y’all are an awesome group! I feel like I’ve found my tribe. Thank you.”

“How willing every Lassie was to help, share their experience and be genuinely happy with our progress.”

” The amount of support from so many Lassies!”

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