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Minutes of 14 Feb 2012 Board Meeting

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Call to Order:

by Commodore David Jennings at 7:05 pm.

The roll was called and a quorum certified with 9 directors present.

Directors present:  Sara Allen: Fleet Captain, Mike Halliday: Secretary, Donna Hillmyer: Regatta Director, David Jennings: Commodore, Laurel Kaiser: Education Coordinator, Michelle Lee: Treasurer, Barry Millbourn: Rear Commodore, Bob Miller: Vice Commodore, Debbie St. James: Race Captain

Directors absent:  Cassandra Roznos: Social Coordinator

Meeting Minutes:

Motion by Bob Miller and 2nd by Laurel Kaiser to accept the Minutes of the Jan 10 meeting as read.

Motion adopted unanimously.

Member Access:

Member Sue Forrest reported that the landscape committee does not recommend removing the pines – but they do need to be pruned and topped. She has again obtained a $2600 grant from the South West Florida Water Management District for Phoenix students to do a landscape project at the Squadron , like last year, on Mar 21.

Motion by Michelle Lee and 2nd Sara Allen  to provide lunch for the students, and to coordinate with YSP.

Motion adopted unanimously.

Member David Hays reminded the board that Judy Saltzman has resigned from YSP board and should be replaced (Judy, with David, serve as Squadron representatives on the YSP board).  David also noted the YSP art auction fundraiser at Sarasota Yacht Club on Feb 25.

Organization Reports:

Managers Report:

is attached here.  Craig read out the list of 40 members who have joined the Squadron since Jan 1.  Several new members were present and spoke a few words about themselves.

Motion by Bob Miller and 2nd by Mike Halliday to welcome these new members.

Motion adopted unanimously.

Sarasota Youth Sailing Program:

David Livingston also reported on the upcoming YSP art auction, then introduced some (very young) members of the YSP “Green” fleet, who addressed the meeting and explained why they like to sail.

Luffing Lassies:

Joesephine for Linda Tiffan reported that there are 3 fleets sailing every week, and the annual Rainbow Regatta was being planned for April.

SBYA Report:

Donna Hillmyer reported that the Cherry Pie Regatta was rescheduled to Mar 4 because of weather, and that it would no longer be a BOTY event.

Old Business:

Burgee editor:  David Jennings reminded the meeting that the Squadron still needs a Burgee editor to replace Mo & Jen Tamman.  Several offers of assistance had been received.  Mike Halliday noted that the editor position itself needed skill with Microsoft Publisher, or similar software.

New Tractor:  David Jennings reported that a new (used) Kabota tractor had been purchased, in part with a generous donation of $1,000 from Dean & Christine Eisner.

New Business:

F-18 2013 North America Championships:  YSP Director David Livingston has asked about the possibility of hosting this regatta in Fall 2013, perhaps combined with Buzzelli.

Motion by Laurel Kaiser and 2nd by Debbie St. James to encourage YSP to bring the regatta to the Squadron, possibly combining with Buzzelli.

Motion adopted unanimously.

Adult Sailing Program:  YSP Director David Livingston has proposed to extend the YSP program to teach keelboat using J-22, possibly expanding to an Adult Basic Sailing course.  Some funding is available.  Storage issues still need to be resolved.

Motion by Laurel Kaiser and 2nd by Bob Miller to support the proposal.

Motion adopted unanimously.

Passing of Dona Murphy:  David Jennings noted with sadness the passing of Dona Murphy, the key role she had played in the Squadron in years past, and the comments of sympathy on the Squadron’s web site.

Board/Committee Reports:

Social Coordinator, Cassandra Roznos

No report.

Education Coordinator, Laurel Kaiser

Laurel reported the upcoming First Aid & CPR Course, and 2 classes in the planning – “Why Sailing” by member Hans Dettmers, and a “How to Tie Up at the Dock” seminar.

Fleet Captain, Sara Allen

David Jennings reported on some obstacles raised by the state to our mooring management application, namely – insistence upon a lottery open to all for the initial assignments, and refusal to permit apportionment of any uplands costs to the mooring fee.  Our attorney, member David Levin will be in Tallahassee next week.

Race Captain, Debbie St, James

Debbie noted the upcoming Windjammer BOTY Regatta, and the rescheduled Cherry Pie Regatta.

Regatta Director, Donna Hillmyer

Donna reported that she had represented the Squadron at a recent SBYA meeting, and that member Sue Forrest had agreed to be the Land-side activities co-chair for the 2012 Labor Day Regatta.

Secretary, Mike Halliday

Speaking as webmaster, Mike reminded the board that all Squadron events must be coordinated with Manager Craig Bridges when being planned.  Craig posts the events on the Squadron web calendar – which then feeds Facebook Events, Breezy Blast, and the Burgee.

Vice Commodore, Bob Miller

No report.

Rear Commodore, Barry Millbourn

Barry reported that the Building Committee had recently discussed possible office modifications, roofing replacements, and tractor purchase.

Treasurer, Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee reported on the refurbishment of the Stonehouse, and on the discovery of a mermaid previously painted on the wall by member Sarah King (joined prior to 1969).  Sarah has agreed to renew the painting.

Executive Committee, David Jennings

David reported that the EC met at a special meeting on Feb 4 to discuss the mooring field, and at tonight’s EC meeting, they had again discussed the mooring field, plus projects proposed by YSP.


Motion by Sara Allen and 2nd by Debbie St. James to adjourn at 8:14pm was adopted by common consent.


The next meeting is Tuesday 13th March, 2012.  Executive Committee meets at 5:30pm, full Board at 7:00pm.

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