SSS Member Code of Conduct

The SSS Board is considering an updated version of the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Member Code of Conduct in the Squadron’s Standing Rules. The current SRs include Article XXI – Obligation to Not Commit Gross Misconduct and various process guidelines about addressing violations in Article XIII, Membership Rules.

The proposed update expands the Code of Conduct to address several areas not previously covered and integrates the code more clearly with the Membership process rules contained in Article XV and replaces the old article. The general theme is maintained that members are expected to behave according to the Code of Conduct, and that violations of the code are extremely serious and will be dealt with initially by the club staff and if necessary, the Executive Committee and the Board. An Incident Report form can be used for this purpose, and is now part of the SRs, as Appendix V. Article XXX – IR procedures, has been deleted, since the procedures are now contained in the new article XV and XVI.

There are also a few changes to responsibilities for addressing issues with use of the club website and member list, assigning these responsibilities to the Executive Committee, rather than the Board.

The bulk of the changes to the Code of Conduct and Membership Rules can be viewed by clicking HERE. The proposed changes in their entirety can be viewed by clicking HERE. Please note that final Article numbers, page numbers, table of contents, paragraph numbering, etc will be updated & corrected in the final version once the text is accepted and may not tie to the current Standing Rules.

The board will consider these changes in the next board meeting. If you have any comments or suggestions relative to these changes, feel free to contact any member of the board.


Alan Pariser, Secretary



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