SSS Web Site Features … Rental Boats & Ship’s Store


Today’s article describes two features that you may find of interest. The site can easily be navigated using the tabs along the top of the page, but if you have any difficulty finding what you are looking for, the Site Map can help you find it. The Site Map – located under the Help tab – can be used to find any page on the site. Just navigate to the map entry you want, and 1 click gets you there.

The first new feature is the Boat Rentals Page. It can be found by navigating to the Activities tab and then to the Rental page which contains an overview of the Rental Fleet available to members at the Squadron. Boats can be rented annually (Unlimited Use) or by the day, and is an option currently enjoyed by many of our members. You may already have a boat, but might want to try something new, or another boat option, SUP or kayak trip with visiting friends or family. The Boat Rental page includes a description of the rental fleet available – Day Sailor, Flying Scot, Paddleboards and Kayaks, the process for signing up, and a summary of costs.

The second feature is the Ship’s Store, which can be accessed under the Information tab on the Site. The Ship’s Store gives you access to on line purchase of SSS logo merchandise and boating accessories from Coral Reef and nautical themed apparel and boating accessories from US Sailing. If you are considering any purchases of boating paraphernalia, take a look at these two offers – they can likely fulfill your boating needs, and you will be supporting your club, since they provide a contribution to the Squadron with each of your purchases.

As always, we are always interested in your feedback about the new SSS site. If you have any comments, please send them to either

Mike Halliday,   SSS Webmaster

Alan Pariser,   SSS Secretary


Thank you!!

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