Standing Rules Proposed Change – Boats on Moorings

A proposed change to the SSS Standing Rules relative to Article VII, Boats on Moorings was discussed at the March Board meeting and will be further reviewed at the April Board meeting prior to the Board considering its adoption in the Standing Rules.

The primary purpose of the change is to ensure that all members of the Squadron are aware that the “Mooring Field” adjacent to the SSS facility is not managed or maintained by the Squadron.  Additionally, after reviewing many sometimes conflicting communications on this topic, the Board felt it prudent to ensure that all its members are aware that since the SSS has not been able to comply with all the requirements of managing a properly permitted Mooring Field, it cannot be responsible for any boats moored or anchored in the field.

Please note that the proposed change to the Standing Rules does not limit or change any Member’s ability to enjoy the benefits of being an SSS member. It is intended only to communicate the Squadron’s position that it is not responsible for the Mooring Field.

If you have any comment about this change, please contact any member of the Board with your input and / or feel free to attend the meeting at 7 PM on April 12. Thank You.


Alan Pariser, Secretary


Proposed change to the Standing Rules  – Article VII  Boats on Moorings


  1. Transportation to and from these boats is the sole responsibility of the owner.
  2. The Squadron and the City of Sarasota bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damage that may occur to a boat while on a mooring.
  3. The owner is responsible for his/her mooring.


The Sarasota Sailing Squadron maintains launching facilities and docks for its members’ use, but does not maintain or control any area where boats may be legally moored. The Sarasota Bay area adjacent to the SSS is not an authorized mooring field under Florida law. Any boats kept in this area are moored at the owner’s risk, and are subject to applicable, State, County and City regulations that govern mooring and anchoring.

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