Storm Rules Revision to the Squadron’s Standing Rules

The SSS Board approved a revision to the Squadron’s Storm Rules, which has been posted and can be viewed on the STANDING RULES  web page, Article V, Section C. Members should be aware that the Storm Rules require members to take preventive action to secure all boats and equipment stored at the Squadron prior to a storm event. Members are responsible for all damage to their own boats and to any damage to other boats or Squadron facilities. All boats must be removed from the floating docks, which can be damaged by moored boats during severe weather. The SSS will use the Weather Alert Process to notify members when a Weather Alert has been declared, but members are responsible for complying with the Storm Rules regardless of notification. Details of procedures to use in anticipation of a Weather Event can also be found in the SSS web site at HURRICANE PREPARATION under the INFORMATION tab.

The July revisions to the rules  specifies that the SSS weather alert will be called prior to an NWS Storm Alert, and that under Florida Law, the SSS has the right to remove boats (from the Floating Docks) if members fail to comply with the rules and may charge a fee for doing so. A damage disclaimer that all members should be aware of is included in the Rules (Article V, Section C). If there any questions, please contact me or any member of the Board. Thank You.


Alan Pariser, Secretary

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