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Coming off the recent successes of the Labor Day Regatta, record volunteerism and large numbers of new members joining and looking forward to upcoming achievements like the F-18 North American Regatta and new docks, it is obvious that the Squadron is growing and thriving. That growth brings change, challenge and opportunity. We’re realizing that the club is growing up fast and some of our structure hasn’t kept pace.

We’ve received a number of member complaints about receiving unwanted emails from people using the Squadron membership directory for mass mailings and about inappropriate comments on the SSS website. Those member complaints demonstrated that our club policies – many of which were formed before there was such a thing as email or websites – don’t adequately protect members and that the club doesn’t have the basic privacy protection and guidelines for civil behavior that most organizations have already put in place. We’ve asked the Standing Rules Committee to work on appropriate policies for protecting member privacy and making sure our website is a showcase for our club where people are treated with respect. In the meantime, we’ve put some basic policies into place to address member concerns.

Use of Membership Directory

The purpose of the membership directory is to allow members to contact each other to arrange sailing related activities. Members agree to keep the membership directory contact information confidential and not misuse the information. Examples of misuse of the membership directory information include – but are not limited to – sharing member contact information with nonmembers; solicitation of any form; harassment of a member; and mass calls, bulk mailings, group emailings that have not been generated by the SSS office.


The website will be moderated to promote an atmosphere of respect. Comments that contain slander, personal attacks, vulgar/abusive language, unsupported accusations or that discredit the Squadron will not be posted. Only members that are logged in will see the Comment section and the “Recent Comments” section visible to guests will be moved to another section of the website.

Thank you to all the members who have helped the club get where we are and who have made suggestions for how we continue the journey.


Website Revisions!!! — 6 Comments

  1. A simple request for information. Who specifically is responsible for the new “moderation” of the website comments if it is not our longtime and current webmaster, Mike Halliday?

  2. I’m sorry, but no one is allowed to tell me whom I am allowed to correspond with. I am not using the SSS contact list. Those are email addresses of individual people, and are not the Squadron’s property. If the SSS had its own set of email addresses (, then I would agree. But this is not the case. I learned of those addresses from the recipients themselves, and from other like-minded individuals. I did not harvest them from any official Club documentation.

    In case it comes up, the SSS is also not allowed to dictate who I choose to call on the phone, text message, Skype, or semaphore.

    I find it completely unacceptable that there are people in this organization that can’t tolerate negative feedback regarding the choices they have made. Holding office comes with responsibility. Part of the responsibility is to weather the criticism of unpopular policy decisions that have been made. If one is not able to handle that responsibility, one should not run for or hold office. It’s that simple.

    And by the way- discussing current events, the upcoming election, and recent policy modifications IS a sailing-related activity.

  3. Maybe there should be a club forum area to allow member input. We do have a lot of members that are seasonal and don’t think about the SSS until arriving. Since we are a member run organization I do believe it would be prudent to implement a member section where free discussion can take place. Gathering member input is not possible at the moment. I do feel that the public DOES NOT need to be involved in the internal workings of the club. However, members who chose to discuss the direction of the club must have the ability to do so. In order to maintain a democratic organization with its member elected board there needs to be a portal to discuss topics, policies, changes and all the good that is in store for the future of sailing in our area. In addition, those who chose to subscribe should be notified when new issues are posted. This is a default feature in any forum software. Since we are using opensource software for our website this can be implemented with ease.

    Thank you,
    Jason Roznos
    Dedicated SSS Member

  4. Bob,
    Another consequence of this is that the comments can be held off the web site for quite a while, if they ever get on at all. This is unbelievable.

  5. Bob, I think membership has declined since I became a member about 6 years ago. And I don’t see the connection between exciting changes and censorship.

  6. None of the comments removed fit any of the new restrictions other than they were not liked by someone this amounts to censorship