Club & Dock Improvements BB Feb 18

. Club and Dock Improvements
We will soon be placing large umbrellas for the new deck, paint the bathrooms and expo which we will assess and, if we like it, we will buy two more. We have hired a painter to paint the bathrooms, and removed and epoxy paint the hallway floor in which tiles are lifted. We want these tasks done prior to our heavy March racing season.
We receive 50% matching funds from the West Coast Inland Navigation District (WCIND) which is a multi-county special authority that plays a pivotal role in waterway projects that promote safe navigation mostly in the Intracoastal Waterway. Categories for funding include: law enforcement, navigational aids, environmental education, boating safety and education and boat ramps. WCIND has funded the rubber boats for SYS and the purchase of their sailboats and equipment.
In the current year, SSS has received funding for a new safety/committee boat and for the wave attention system that will replace A dock. These projects are moving ahead with application for a Corps of Engineer’s permit for the dock, and the boat committee reviewing and has narrowed the selection of the most appropriate committee boat. For next, SSS submitted a grant application which includes: Venture sailboat for the adult education program, two boat lifts for our committee boats and a new motor from the Proline.

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