Regatta Director Report, 8 May 2017


Met with Sarasota County Sports Commission along with Craig about the World Sailing Annual Conference in Nov. 2018.  We are keeping in touch to gauge expectations of World Sailing and the County Sports Commission about events during the conference.  They have asked us to provide “ambassadors” at the hotels and airport to help with directions, restaurants suggestions, etc.  This will be a future topic.  Our understanding is several fleets and promoters have asked to host events in Sarasota Bay.  We will be coming off the F-18 Worlds and Buzzelli. It is an opportunity to promote sailing in Sarasota and our club. We will be watching as the activities develop for this year”s conference to be held in Mexico for more insight. 

Reviewing current schedule and PRO/RC coverage.

Working on “framework” for evaluating regattas and an approval process. Sunfish (Lynne Randall) would like to host two Sunfish events in March 2019. This will be a Midwinter (Pan Am qualifier) and Masters event. 

Working on marketing strategy to raise money from sponsors.

Working on Labor Day Regatta team.

Observation: During the Sarasota Bay Cup, several boats were tied up to the docks in front of the ramp blocking other boats from launching. We have to reiterate, if you are launching your boat from the boat ramp or hoist, you and your crew must be there  and ready to get underway.  Our rules allow boats to tie off each other.  In my experience, other regattas have been able to host several hundred boats in much tighter conditions with less dock space.  We need to respect our fellow members and allow everyone an ability to put their boat in the water. This includes not parking in front of boats, trailers, blocking the ramp/hoist – we should only park in designated areas.  Only members should be allowed to park inside the gates.


Committee Reports

I need clarification if there is a committee which needs to be developed and for what purpose. I would like to develop a team to address all invitational regattas. “Mentor the volunteers”

Action Items Pertaining to this Report

Not at this time

Action Items for the Board




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