Secretary Report, 11 Dec 2017

Annual Report – 2017


  • Continued to fulfill Secretary Requirements of recording Board minute Meeting Minutes and Board Motions. All minutes and associated documents are maintained on the club website. Provided input to Board members seeking specific requirements of By Laws and / or Standing Rules
  • Worked with the Board and the Club Staff to update Standing Rules to accommodate new guidelines for Guest use of the facilities, guest parking and to update and correct charges for non-member organization rental of the facilities for meetings and activities. Made a minor change to the SRs relative to Weather Alerts.
  • Chaired the 2017 By Laws / Standing Rules Committee consisting of John Huber, Herb Larrabee and Ken Hamilton. Proposed changes were reviewed by the Board and approved by the Membership at the November membership meeting.

         Potential changes for 2018 are:

                        Remove the prohibition on joint Board Membership for Directors.

                        Define process and responsibility for the Squadron signature authority for contracts and agreements.

                        Update SRs to eliminate reference to FOAM Fees

  • Participated on the Dock Committee in the early stages of planning for the replacement in 2018 of A – Dock (the Wave Fence).
  • Participated on the Finance Committee and developed the 2018 Fee Schedule which was approved by the Board in the November meeting. Also helped develop the Annual Expense plan to be presented to the Board for review and approval in December.

Committee Reports


Action Items Pertaining to this Report

Recruit 2018 By Laws / Standing Rules Committee

Develop Board Motion for acceptance of the 2018 Finance Plans

Develop communication letter for 2018 Dues and Fees Billing process

Action Items for the Board

Approval of the 2018 Operating Plan(s) – Expense Plan, Capital Plan and the new Sustainment Plan as presented and discussed in the upcoming December Board Meeting.

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