Comments on Main Mission of the Board

Keeping sialing access affordable and offer all levels of sailing education while providing an atmosphere for competitive sailors as well as beginners.

Hire a manager from the squadron members who applied!! We need someone who cares about the squadron and has an involved, unprejudiced, love for the squadron and all the vast interest of the members!!

Get a good manager in place....

Resolve the management transition to a suitable outcome.

Get out and sail! We need a good club manager. The politics at the club are ruining it! Host some good social events once in awhile. The lack of descent food at the club is a issue. Last time I was at the Squadron the cooler wasn't even stocked with water. Kids coming of the water couldn't even purchase a cold water.

Hire a competent, quaIified manager, and then let the manager do the managing. Stop micromanaging.

To assign Florence the job of Manager in order to continue getting a handle on dead beat members, monitoring of boat storage, dues and other long standing issues.

To hire an experienced manager who understands the mission of the club and who can manage within existing resoures

Keeping the organization functioning smoothly.

Hiring a manager, hiring back Joanne and keeping reasinable rates for the mooring field.

Get a manager who is competent. Find a commodore who cares.

Stabilize the Squadron with a full time permanent manager.

get a manager and let him/her manage


To improve the facilities and make it even better than before

Get the manager hired and get the "Dead" boats off the moorings as well as in the trailer storage area.

Regularizing the mooring field, repairing/reconstruction of the docks, and perhaps more educational programming.

Hire a good manager who understands the small club feel of the SSS. Resolve this mooring thing once and for all, it has cost a lot of money. Stop the flood of new rules, we are getting yacht club creep with all the don't do this, don't do that directives. Stop spending thousands on video security unless you can demonstrate that the cost of the thefts is greater than the costs of the security. Members should have honesty and integrity and be responsible for their guests and kids. Fix the main ramp - it is so sandy that a lot of people can't get traction, and there is a dropoff at the end of the ramp that makes retrieval difficult at times. Don't keep raising rates - this is a club that should be available to all of the community. Work on retaining youth in sailing - many come to learn, and the racing program (which is very expensive) is the primary path available to them after the YSP camp. Many burn out with the "this isn't all that much fun" competitiveness and don't sail again. Encourage fun youth sailing. Look into monthly SSS dues. It is very difficult for some to come up with a years dues in January, right after XMAS. Most clubs, gyms, etc., have monthly dues and there is no reason the SSS can't do so as well.

To support the continued efforts of David Jennings in his work with the City of Sarasota and to LISTEN carefully to the responders to this canvassing

Future club 100 year survival at current city location.

Keeping the SSS independent of City Hall, Soran and Atwell.


Keeping the membership, and providing a fun friendly atmosphere

Focus on continuing to maintain what has been working well.

Keep it an old Florida club with emphasis on youth programs.

To keep SSS the treasure that it is!

keep up the good work


Promote the Long Range Plan

The club seems to be very, clicky not even sure that is a word.

enforcing the rools that we have for docking and storage

Maintain a comfortable balance between cruisers and racers.

not being political, I feel that they are doing a good job as far as I can see.

Consistency from year to year. Do not reinvent the wheel - Just perfect it.

Keep encouraging sailing as a sport and racing

The main mission should be to promote the SSS to public with a pro-active positive message instead of always waiting to react to the bad news or thefts or city contracts, etc.Let's get some positive information out to the public about SSS, the Youth Sailors, Events, Benefits to the City, our citizens, etc.

Support for recreational sailing.

Addressing the members interests to improve participation. The questionaire is a good avenue.

Build membership

Encourage easy access to sailing, at the lowest reasonable cost for sailors of all ages, experience levels and interests - including cruising, racing, and daysailing.

keep the cost manageable, the docks maintained , in-fighting to a minnimum, racing fun, clean kitchen after use,

low cost access to a continually less accessable waterfront Off topic but the new website is terrible


Provide access to the water for sailors at a reasonable cost

Completing the main dock & mooring field, while insuring the solvency of the club.

Maintenance of all the facilities!! Reputation of Squadron in all aspects of sailing

Infrastructure; Docks, Ramps, Hoist. Resolve mooring field issues, enough of our money has gone to this already.

Facilities improvement

docking improvements

Clean up the place and repair/refresh facilities: Buildings/docks/hoist could all use improvements. Raise rates if needed.

dock repairs need to be a priority.

Fixing the docks and completing the mooring field so we don't risk losing our lease.

Fix docks and budget

To remove dead boat storage-including YSP rack area. to ask members what to do instead of deciding on their personl needs. To get members to come to the meetings by holding them on weekends.

Assuming the issues with the city, state, and feds are resolved????? 1. address the dock replacement issues 2. put a mooring plan into place with real teeth

Dockage upkeep.

Dock repair, grounds safety, Cameras and security.

I suppose facilities and outreach.

Bringing our facilities up to par and growing into the future- broadening our base and attracting new members, getting people on the water.

to protect squadron facilities and to keep expenses low

Get back to promoting and growing ACTIVE club members now that lease he'll is easing. We don't need more members. More active ones

Finalize the mooring field dilemma, and try to make the squadron a user friendly place. For the most part everyone makes the newbie feel at home.

Settle the mooring field issue. Get someone in charge of the races who has a clue.

Resolving the mooring issues. Ensuring financial viability and maintaining facilities and security.